Guinness Record Holders Reveal How They Made The World’s Biggest Cake Pop
Image Credit: Guinness World Records

Imagine a cake pop weighing more than 44 kilograms, decorated with five big cups of colourful sprinkles? No, we are not describing a scene out of our favourite cartoon. Nick DiGiovanni (USA) and Lynn Davis (Japan) in Cambridge not only baked such a cake pop but also set a new world record while at it. For the uninitiated, cake pops are basically cakes designed and shaped as regular-sized lollipops. Typically, cake crumbs are mixed with icing or chocolate and they are moulded into small spheres or cubes, post which they are coated in icing, chocolate or sprinkles and attached with lollipop sticks. But Nick and Lynn scaled up the process and how. The duo was awarded the honour on 23rd November 2021 in Massachusetts, USA.

They chose to go with a confetti cake for their creation, the mega cake pop had a circumference of 50.75 inches (128.90 cm), the cake pop also comprised a 33-inch long stick at the time of measurement.  

Once the record was acknowledged by the team of Guinness world records, Nick and Lynn apparently distributed the cake pop among friends and family and ensured none of the cake was wasted, while the unused ingredients were donated to a local food bank, as per the Guinness World Records website.  

On Guinness World Record’s YouTube page, we also stumbled upon a video of Nick and Lynn explaining how they pulled off the mammoth feat. First of all, they emptied multiple boxes of cake mixes in a giant bucket, followed by liquid eggs, a few sticks of butter and water, and mixed everything vigorously using a hand blender. Further, they poured in the cake batter on a tray and baked it for 10-12 minutes at 350 degrees. After they baked a giant stack of these soft cakes, they crushed it and transferred it in a big bucket and crumbled it further “as fine as possible”, in Lynn’s words.  

Post this, they proceeded with their cream cheese frosting. They blended in a couple of blocks of cream cheese, with a few bags of confectionery sugar and vanilla essence. They had to use a blow torch to ensure the cream cheese melted faster. The cream cheese was then transferred to the bucket comprising cake crumbs, and mixed. This mix was transferred to a giant cake pop mould that was greased before and a giant stick is skewered inside. The mould is then transferred into a big cooler with dry ice and allowed to sit overnight.

The following day, they made some icing with four cups of sugar, 3 tbsp meringue powder and water. They whipped it together until the icing was nice and gluey. The cake pop is then unmoulded, and the icing is spread across the cake pop with colourful sprinkles.

How fascinating right? Have a look at the video here.