Guests Coming Over? Try Making These Dishes This Raksha Bandhan

Festive vibes are here as Raksha Bandhan is around the corner. This festival holds great prominence in the Hindu culture. Sister ties a Rakhi around her brother’s waist while the brother gives a lot of gifts to her sister. Just like every other festival, Raksha Bandhan has also brought an opportunity to devour homemade delicious food. 

There is no denying the fact that food and festival go hand-in-hand. Since there is a festival, there would be lots of guests coming over. Wouldn’t you want to serve your guests something new yet best? Leave those boring dishes, we have some new and lip-smacking dishes that you can make for your guests and flaunt your cooking skills. Have a look.

Mango Lemon Cooler

Starting with the first thing you serve to your guests. Mango lemon cooler is just something you are looking for. This drink will not only refresh the mind but also the bond with your siblings. When served chilled, this drink can relax you at its best. Moreover, you do not require anything much as this could be made with fewer ingredients.


  • Slice mango into small to medium pieces
  • Take a blender. Add mango slices and lemon juice. Blend
  • Take a glass and add one tsp of mango-lemon juice
  • Pour chilled soda drink into the glass
  • Add black salt for taste (you can also add chaat masala if required)
  • Garnish with peppermint leaves and serve

Tandoori Aalo Tikka

Tandoori aalo tikka is something extravagant but very easy. Potatoes coated with tandoor marinate and served with green chutney is the best thing you can make for your guests. Though potatoes do taste delicious in every dish, tandoori aalo tikka is something you need to try.


  • Take boiled potatoes (preferably of small size)
  • Dice tomatoes and capsicum
  • Take a bowl, add hung curd, and add spices like turmeric powder, red chili powder, chaat masala, coriander powder, and black salt. 
  • Add one tsp of hot oil and make it a paste
  • Dip boiled potatoes and let them marinate for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Take a pan and add oil
  • Fry the marinated potatoes until they turn golden brown 
  • Take another pan and saute diced tomatoes and capsicum
  • Take a toothpick and insert marinated potato, capsicum, and tomato
  • Serve with green chutney

Sev Puri

Everybody loves street food because of its spicy, tangy, and flavourful taste and is available at every corner or nook of the street. Now would it be amazing if we get that home? Yes, you can make it in no time and even impress your guests. Sev puri is something that Mumbaikars must be aware of. Let me tell you the way to make this amazingly delicious sev puri at home


  • Take potatoes and onions. Chop finely
  • Boil sprout beans and make chutney
  • Take sev puri. Place a few potatoes, sprout beans, and onions
  • Add coriander leaves. Top it with green chutney and tamarind chutney
  • Add pomegranate seeds and serve

Shahi Pulao

Pulao is something that you can serve to your guests no matter what the occasion is. Even when pulao is made at home, we think there must be something special. You can serve pulao with raita and even complement it with your main course. Not only is it delicious but easy to make. Now how can you make shahi pulao ‘shahi.’ You can dry fruits and saffron in it and give your cooking a royal touch.


  • Take 4 cups of rice and drain the water from them completely
  • Boil the rice
  • Meanwhile, chop vegetables like carrots, spring onion, and peas in warm water
  • Take a pan and heat oil or ghee in it on a medium flame
  • Add chopped vegetables, spices like cumin, star anise, etc, and dry fruits
  • Stir till the vegetables turn golden brown and aromatic
  • Add boiled rice into the pan and cook for a few minutes
  • Garnish with saffron and serve

Kesar Kheer

Here comes out favourite part. Raksha Bandhan cannot culminate into a successful event without delicious and mouth-watering desserts. Sweets are an integral part of an Indian festivity and sweets are a must. Now when we hear of dessert, the first desi dish that comes to our mind is Kheer. It is already delicious but let us make it even more lip-smacking by adding saffron in it.


  • Rinse rice and soak it in water for 20 minutes.
  • Drain the water 
  • Take a heavy bottomed pan 
  • Add a tsp of ghee, cardamom, and saffron and turn on the medium flame
  • Add the drained rice into the pan and stir until aromatic
  • Pour milk and stir well
  • Keep mixing until you get a thick consistency
  • Pour into a bowl
  • Garnish with crushed almonds and saffron
  • Serve cold