Groom In Gujarat Receives Lemons As Wedding Gift, The Internet Reacts
Image Credit: Lemons were being sold at a whopping rate of ₹200 per kilogram in Gujarat. Image: Pixabay

We all know that lemon prices have surged drastically in the past month. While the temperatures are rising, the demand for lemon-based coolers is ever-increasing. From nimbu paani to lemon soda and so on, lemons are in huge demand in this hot weather, but the high prices have made it difficult for everybody to enjoy these drinks. Lemons were being sold at a whopping rate of ₹200 per kilogram in Gujarat, while in the Delhi NCR region, the rates had further gone up to ₹300 per kilogram.

For the unversed, before the price inflation, lemons were being sold at about ₹50-₹69 per kilogram. This sudden price hike created quite a stir online, with several memes and jokes trending on the internet. It seems like this has gone beyond online and on another level. So, what we are about to share with you may blow your mind.  

According to an ANI report, via its Hindi news reporting account on Twitter, an interesting story from Gujarat has come up, in which a groom in Rajkot received the most unusual wedding gift ever. Guess what? He received a box of lemons! Yes, you read that right. ANI even shared images of the whole situation, where the guest is handing the groom lemons for his wedding. The guest, named Dinesh, spoke to ANI about his unique wedding gift and said, "At this time the prices of lemons in the state and in the country have increased a lot. Lemon is much needed in this season. That's why I have gifted lemons." The man chose to give the groom something of value, a gift that he can use in the scorching heat of summers. Quite thoughtful, isn't it? Take a look at the tweet:

Well, we have heard people gifting all sorts of bizarre wedding gifts, but this was something no one could’ve imagined. As absurd as the wedding gift sounds, I’d be glad if someone gifted me some lemons amid such a price hike and soaring temperatures. Since one thing is assured that the groom wouldn't need to buy lemons amid this price hike.  

Now if you are someone who has lemons at home despite the price hike, we have some amazing summer-special recipes that you can try.  

A perfect thirst quencher, this mojito with the goodness of orange and lemon is the ultimate cooler you can’t miss this summer season. 

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Tarty, citrusy lemon with chilled yoghurt topped on cupcakes make for an ultimate summer dessert that is hard to resist. 

So, which lemon recipe are you going to try first? Also, what did you think of the unique wedding gift? Let us know.