Grilled Chicken To Eggs: 7 Side Dishes To Elevate A Potato Salad
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Whether it's a little backyard gathering or a large picnic, a rich and creamy potato salad is a need. Without this rich and decadent potato dish, it cannot be considered a feast.

Whether you prepare the traditional American version, the Greek version with olive oil and lemon juice, the Chinese version with soy sauce and vinegar, or any other variation, it doesn't matter. Even sweet potatoes can be used in place of normal potatoes! A crowd favourite is always potato salad. This filling, flavourful, and adaptable cuisine pairs well with practically any side dish.

Want to guarantee success at your upcoming cookout? Serve potato salad with any of these wonderful sides for a quick and easy meal.

Chicken Wings:

There is no better combination of classic foods than potato salad and crunchy fried chicken wings. The crispy surface of these delectable wings is well balanced by the creamy texture of the potatoes. Additionally, the variety of textures keeps things interesting, and seasonings should not be overlooked. Make sure your flavour game is on point with some herbs and spices that will have everyone licking their fingers in joy, whether you're feeling sassy or gentle.

Roasted Veggies:

Potato salad goes nicely with roasted vegetables, a nutritious and adaptable side dish. A variety of seasonal veggies can be roasted till crisp and caramelised when tossed in olive oil, salt, and pepper. The chilly, creamy potato salad is complemented by this warm, savoury ingredient, creating a delicious textural and flavour contrast.

Grilled Chicken:

For all meat lovers, grilled chicken is a delectable and filling dish. We are all aware that a decent side salad is essential to any good meat meal. Any chicken dish is greatly complemented with potato salad in particular. A lot of sauce and mustard are typically served with grilled chicken, adding a range of robust flavours. In this equation, potato salad serves as the ideal balancer. After all, the finest meal is one that is well-balanced.


Sandwiches are the ideal meal for people who don't have a lot of free time because they are quick and simple to prepare in the kitchen. The combination of a cheese or chicken sandwich and creamy potato salad is unbeatable. Any sandwich benefits from the flavour and texture that potato salad brings to the table. Additionally, it's really simple to prepare and takes little time.


A good side dish to serve with potato salad is pasta or pasta salad. The best thing about pasta is how simple and quick it is to prepare. You have the option of serving it simply or with your preferred ingredients. Everything here comes down to personal taste. A great side dish to think about is pasta salad. 

Baked Beans:

The ideal accompaniment to this salad is beans. And baking this meal is the tastiest way to serve it. Both homemade and store-bought baked beans are effective.

Even better flavour will be added to your potato salad if you incorporate the baked beans in. The cream in the potatoes is counteracted by the sweet and sour baked beans.


Just like meat, having eggs on the side can significantly improve the flavour of your dish. Being a versatile food item, you can serve it any way you like with your salad, and it will still taste good – whether in an omelette or hard-boiled.