Grilled Brussels Sprouts: A Tasty And Healthy Evening Snack
Image Credit: Brussel Sprouts

Eating the same vegetables and similar dishes each day is quite monotonous and boring. It makes you end up ordering food from outside to give the taste of different flavours to your taste buds. But here’s a better option to cook a different, unique and healthy dish at home instead of ordering unhealthy food from outside.

Grilled Brussels Sprouts make a perfect snack as well as a whole meal. It is a super healthy and tasty dish which is preferred by many who are diet-conscious. It is a vegan dish which is keto friendly and considered a healthy wholesome recipe. 

Brussel Sprouts 

It is prepared with fall-favourite vegetables in a way not many have tried before. The dish is prepared by grilling the Brussels sprouts as it gives them a nice smokiness, and it also evokes the flavours of the onion and garlic powders which are added in the recipe. You can also grill it in a pan if you don’t have an outside griller at home.

Brussel Sprouts are widely served during elaborate Christmas dinners and are mostly served as a side dish along with any roasted or grilled protein such as chicken or fish. The dish can be made spicy or normal as per your taste. You can add garlic, lemon and chilli as per your preference. It can also be served as the main dish or you can toss the Brussels sprouts with pasta and lots of grated cheese.

Here’s the recipe for Grilled Brussels Sprouts.

Cooking time: 20 minutes

Servings: 4


    12 small- to medium-sized Brussels Sprouts

    1½ tsp extra-virgin olive oil

    1 tsp salt

    ¾ tsp freshly ground black pepper

    1 tsp onion powder

    1 tsp garlic powder

    1 tsp celery salt

    1 handful of crumbled bacon (optional)

    1 tsp grated lemon zest (optional)

    1 tsp Parmesan cheese (optional) 


    First, take the sprouts into a bowl and clean them. 

    Reduce the cut ends back without disturbing the leaves, and peel off any withered leaves. Make the bottoms clean by cutting them once. 

    Take a pot and add the sprouts to it and boil it. 

    Add salted water and cook it for approximately 4 to 5 minutes only. 

    Now, drain the water and drizzle them with oil. 

    Next, toss the sprouts in a bowl with the salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and celery salt. 

    Add these spices as per your taste and preference.

    Once the sprouts are mixed well and coated, put them on a hot grill and turn them every 4 minutes for a total of approximately 12 minutes.

    Next, remove them from the grill and put them in the seasoning bowl again.

    Toss once more to coat with any remaining seasoning.

    Grilled Brussels Sprouts are ready to serve. 

    You can also add other ingredients like bacon, lemon zest, and Parmesan cheese to the dish to bring more flavours and serve immediately.