Grill These Unusual Foods To Spice Up Your Meals
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We play out our primal fantasy by grilling because of our inherent desire to add food to fire. The smoke, the heat, the flames, and the aroma of burnt bits clinging to the grill grates all come together to create a sensory experience unlike any other. The grill is a flexible and adaptable instrument due to its very simple construction. The grill can do so much more than just quickly sear steaks and hamburgers or generate crisp black lines across your hot dogs and sausages. A wide variety of food groups, including savoury and sweet, fruits and vegetables, pizza and avocado, pair nicely with that smokey, charred flavour. 

Trying new ingredients on your grill is a great way to discover ones you might have otherwise missed. After a few minutes on a hot grate, a plain piece of watermelon, tofu, or avocado is given new life, and the flavour is unmatched. Make the grill responsive to your culinary desires this summer by filling it with unusual foods and plant-based meats.

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After you master grilling pizza, you won't want to bake it in the oven ever again, especially during the hot summertime. The secret to a delicious grilled pizza is to lightly pre-grill the dough on one side before placing it on a cooling rack. This requires a little technique and timing. This gives the pizza some more structure and prevents you from making the fatal mistake of serving undercooked dough. 

Grilled Avocado 

The avocado is a perfect grilled option due to its shape and natural design. Simply cut in half lengthwise, remove the pit, and season with salt and pepper after brushing with some olive oil. Cut-side down, cook the avocado halves for 4-6 minutes on a medium-hot grill before serving. You may top the avocados with bright, tangy salasa or make a fantastic, smokey guacamole. 

Grilled Herbs 

This is a creative idea for pesto, salsa verde, or cocktails. It's important to grill herbs quickly and effectively since even the more robust, woody herbs, like rosemary and thyme, only require around 15 seconds on the grill. Depending on what you're cooking, carefully remove the herbs after a little burning and gently muddle them in a mortar and pestle. 


You may be thinking as to why you have never cooked a quesadilla. Do not worry; you may begin right away. The charred and crispy texture of a grilled quesadilla brings to mind meals cooked over a campfire. Before placing it on the grill grates, assemble the quesadilla as usual, making sure it is well sealed and lightly oiled. Grill the quesadilla for about 5 minutes total, turning it over halfway through, or until the ingredients are well heated. 

Grilled Tofu  

After some time on the grill, tofu does really acquire that scorched, rustic flavour. While grilling, you should use an extra-firm (non-silken) variety of tofu because not all varieties have the same texture and firmness. Because it removes extra moisture and enables the tofu slabs to acquire the desired grill markings, pressing tofu before grilling is a crucial step. After the tofu has been adequately pressed, you may either slice it into slabs and marinate it for the night, or you can simply grill it without any more preparation. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes over medium-high heat, flipping once halfway through. 

Grilled Watermelon 

A little stroke of the flame can be beneficial for even fruits. The best way to grill watermelon is to season it with salt and sugar on both sides, then place it on hot, lightly oiled grill grates for about three minutes on each side. This ought to produce some lovely grill marks and caramelization.