Grate Potatoes for Deliciously Great Recipes
Image Credit: Grated potatoes.

While you can always pair potatoes with other vegetables to make a whole dish, like aloo gobhi, aloo matar, capsicum aloo, etc., it is the standalone potato recipe that you must give a shot at. For dishes like fresh fries, potatoes are thinly sliced, but for a paratha, boiled potatoes are mashed. This variation brings about a change in the taste of the entire dish. Similarly, adding grated potatoes gives a twist to your meal too. Where to include them, you ask? From halwa to dumplings, grated potatoes can be used in these and many other recipes. We’ve curated a list of grated potato recipes for you.

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1.  Grated Potato Pancake

Fine juliennes of potatoes are paired with eggs and oil to make these delicious pancakes. All you need to do is prepare a pancake batter with whipped eggs. To this, add grated potatoes and season with salt and pepper. Spread the batter on the pan in a round shape and shallow fry them. It would be a cross between a pancake and a cutlet.

2.   Grated Potato Dumplings

Did you know that these dumplings can be a great snack and a side dish too? Made with just two ingredients, you take some grated potatoes and roll them into balls in the palm of your hand. Toss them in all-purpose flour and steam them. These dumplings can be eaten as they are or even added to a meaty gravy for more flavour.

3.   Grated Potato Halwa

Wondering how aloo can be featured in a sweet dish? Well, this halwa is the answer to all your queries. Grated potatoes are tossed in ghee, sugar, water, and lemon juice. Chopped nuts are added to it and stirred continuously. The dish is finished off with saffron strands that lend it a beautiful orange hue and tantalising aroma.

4.   Grated Potato Mix Fry

This is another great snack and side dish made with grated potatoes. Grated potatoes are added to a pan full of oil. Chopped bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes go in next. Add to this some urad dal and mustard seeds. Mix it well until lightly fried, and then garnish with coriander leaves.

5.   Grated Potato Bhel


This is an interesting take on the bhel, where puffed rice is replaced by grated potatoes. The potatoes are grated well, fried, and then tossed with chopped coriander leaves and spices like red chilli powder, cumin seeds, and salt. Sprinkle with crushed peanuts and finish off with a dash of lemon juice.