Gouda To Cheddar: The 5 Best Travel-Friendly Cheese Varieties
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When it comes to culinary companions for outdoor adventures like picnics, road trips, or backpacking escapades, few delights rival the sheer versatility and flavour-packed punch of cheese. The world of cheese is a vast and diverse one, offering a myriad of options to elevate your on-the-go dining experiences. From creamy brie to sharp cheddar, the choice of which types of cheese to bring along can be a delightful challenge.

Let us embark on a flavourful journey to discover the best cheeses for travelling and picnics, uncovering the perfect balance of taste, texture, and portability to ensure that your outdoor dining excursions are nothing short of gourmet experiences. Choose cheeses that are not too soft or delicate. Avoid cheeses that are perishable or require refrigeration.

Pack the cheeses that can be stored at room temperature for a few days. Select cheeses in a hard-sided container to protect them from damage. Bring a cheese knife or a small grater to help you enjoy your cheese. So, if you're eager to pack your picnic basket with the finest cheese selections or create a cheeseboard fit for a mountaintop, read on to discover the cheeses that will make your outdoor dining adventures unforgettable.

The Cheeses That Are Best For Travelling Without Refrigeration:

Certain types of cheese are well-suited for travel without refrigeration due to their specific characteristics, including lower moisture content and higher salt content, which make them less susceptible to spoilage.

Aged Gouda:

Aged Gouda is a Dutch cheese known for its smooth, pale-yellow appearance and delightful nutty flavour. What makes it an excellent choice for travel is its firm and dense texture. As gouda matures over time, it loses moisture, which contributes to its sturdiness and shelf stability. This cheese can withstand temperature fluctuations during your journey while retaining its flavour profile.

Parmigiano Reggiano:

Often referred to as the "King of Cheeses," Parmigiano Reggiano is an Italian cheese famous for its granular texture and rich, umami flavour. This cheese is aged for an extended period, sometimes up to 36 months or more, resulting in a very low moisture content. Its hard texture and high salt content make it resilient to spoilage, even in non-refrigerated conditions. It's a classic choice for grating over pasta, making it a must-have for travel.

Aged Cheddar:

Aged Cheddar cheese is a staple in many households and is known for its sharp and tangy taste. The ageing process involves removing moisture from the cheese, resulting in a crumbly texture that's less prone to spoilage. While it may become slightly oily in warm weather, it remains safe to eat for an extended period without refrigeration. Its robust flavour adds a comforting touch to sandwiches, crackers, or as a standalone snack.

Pecorino Romano:

Pecorino Romano hails from Italy and is crafted from sheep's milk. It's a hard and salty cheese with a distinctively sharp taste. Its dry and crumbly texture, combined with a high salt content, make it an ideal choice for travel. Pecorino Romano is often grated over dishes like pasta or risotto to impart a salty, savoury kick, making it a flavourful addition to your travel cuisine.


Appenzeller cheese is a Swiss speciality known for its semi-hard texture and unique, spicy, and nutty flavour. This cheese has a lower moisture content compared to many other Swiss cheeses, which contributes to its resilience during travel. While it may soften slightly in warmer conditions, it retains its taste and texture, making it a great companion for picnics and outdoor adventures.

Each of these cheeses brings its own distinctive flavour profile and texture to the table, making them versatile choices for various culinary applications while on the move. Their ability to withstand travel conditions without compromising on quality makes them reliable options for cheese lovers who enjoy gourmet experiences on their journeys.