Gothambu Dosa: This Yummy Breakfast Recipe Uses Wheat Instead Of Rice
Image Credit: Pixabay

India has no dearth of crepe-like dishes, from cheela to malpua to patishapta, we love our crepes, but one of the most sensational one of them all has to be-the Dosa. Having found fans across the globe now, Dosas are typically round, crispy and made with rice or a lentil batter that has been fermented overnight. It is common knowledge that the dish originated in South India, where it is still one of the most widely consumed breakfast dishes. Did you know references of dosas and similar dishes can be found in ancient Indian texts like the Manosallasa, A 12th century Sanskrit encyclopedia compiled by King Someshwara of present-day Karnataka? Throughout the south you would find many kinds of Dosas, from the Mysore Masala Dosa to the Pesarattu of Andhra Pradesh which is made with green moong, there are options galore.  

You may find many ready-made instant Dosa batters in the market today, but there are many traditional south Indian dosa recipes that are instant by nature too. i.e, they do not require hour-long fermentation et al. For instance, this Gothambu Dosa, which is made with wheat or atta and not rice.  

In terms of texture, Gothambu dosa is akin to the rava dosa. It somewhat has the same crispness. One of the best qualities about this dosa is that it can be prepared in minutes, so if you are pressed for time to fix yourself a decent breakfast, this is something you can try.  

To make this simple dosa, mix wheat with a pinch of baking soda, make sure you do not add a lot of baking soda, else it may make your dosa a little bitter. Then you gradually add water and mix everything well. You can also add a bit of rava or semolina to the batter, it helps make the dosa even crispier and adds to the flavour too, but it is completely optional.

Check that the pan is hot, before you add a ladleful of batter on it. Before you add the batter, make sure you turn the flame to medium, and then immediately low. Fry the dosa on low flame only, otherwise, it will turn crisp and brown from the outside, but remain uncooked inside.  

Serve this dosa hot with tomato, coconut or peanut chutney and enjoy. Try this recipe soon and let us know how you liked it.