Got Party Plans For The Weekend? 5 Ways To Prevent Hangovers
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It's okay to have fun at times and be a social drinker, especially on parties that are being hosted during long weekends. When one is happy, celebration knows no bounds and people end up drinking more than they should. While it is acceptable if it happens once in a blue moon, the kind of struggle that the body has to endure post-celebration is not a pleasant experience. So, the fact is that while you might like to party, even love it, nobody loves nursing a hangover the next day.

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The most common symptoms of hangovers include dizziness, mood swings, body aches, and fatigue. If not treated on time, these problems may persist for multiple days and start interfering with the everyday life of a person. Here are some top nutrition tips that a person may follow after experiencing a severe hangover. These tips are found to be extremely effective and make a person feel instantly better.

* Hydration

Hydration is extremely important to cure the symptoms of hangover. The process of recovery hastens as soon as one starts drinking more and more water. It is postulated that alcohol is a diuretic and absorbs all the water that there is in the body. The person ends up feeling extremely dehydrated and that is exactly what leads to the headache a person may feel waking up the next day. Drinking a lot of water and other detoxifying drinks like herbal teas or beverages that are rich in electrolytes is the right way of giving back the body its needed hydration.

* Ginger For Nausea

If a person is feeling serious nausea, then the right way to treat it is by drinking or eating something very rich in ginger. Drinking ginger water or ginger tea is the best way to have ginger and extract the maximum benefits from it. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and can instantly help a person feel relieved from stomach-related issues and any kind of burning that a person might be feeling in the stomach. Prefer to drink the tea when it is warmer as the warmth will also benefit your body.

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* Taking Rest

Taking rest while one is experiencing a severe hangover is important to ensure that the body gets enough time to recover. During the process of sleeping, the body begins to sober itself up naturally. Giving time to the body allows it to metabolise the alcohol and reduce its effects. But it is important to remember that one should not sleep immediately after drinking a lot. This may lead to alcohol poisoning and the alcohol levels in the body of a person may continue to rise. The person must do a proper procedure of drinking detoxifying drinks and staying awake for some time before going to sleep.

* Exercising 

Exercising to the fullest is not a possibility while one is in the middle of a hangover. But one can indulge in minor physical activities like running or jogging. This can help in waking up the body and making it more alert than usual. When a person releases sweat during exercising, it also releases toxins out of the body. While there is no effective study to support that exercise helps in alleviating the hangover, it surely makes the body more active. A person might feel more like themselves after having a good jog or walk. Also, it is a good distracting activity.

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* Eating Healthy Food

After drinking a lot, eating a nutritious meal is a very good way to diminish the effects of alcohol on the body. Eating nutritious food while consuming alcohol also leads to subsequently lower absorption of alcohol in the body. Foods that have high amounts of fats, fibre and proteins are very helpful in slowing down the effects of alcohol in the body. Some nutritious food items that one may consume during or after the consumption of alcohol include good protein sources like chicken, salmon and eggs. Some great sources of carbohydrates include brown rice, pasta and oats. 

* Healthy Fats

Eating healthy fats is also very important to limit the effects of alcohol on the body as much as possible. This is because healthy fats complement the functioning of the liver and help in assisting detoxification in the body. Some good examples of healthy fats include olive oil, nuts and avocados. This can help in flushing out the body's toxins very effectively. One must avoid the consumption of things like caffeine and extremely oily food during or after the consumption of alcohol. Food items like these can make the old hangover worse. Also, avoid eating anything extremely sugary as well.

These are some super effective tips that can help a person combat a hangover like a pro and get out of it easily.