Gordon Ramsay Reacts To DJ Marshmello Making Sandwich

Cooking is an art, and many people take it up as a hobby. No matter how many dishes you can cook, sometimes just being in the kitchen and experimenting with the ingredients acts like therapy. You get to create your own dishes, tweak well-known recipes, and make use of your imagination. Many celebrities also post their videos on social media, where they take time from their busy schedules and try making some food at their home. 

Recently, popular American music producer and DJ, Marshmello has showcased his cooking skills on social media and Gordon Ramsay is seen reacting to it. 57-year-old British celebrity chef and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay frequently uses his Instagram to react to several cooking content, including unique recipes, bizarre culinary techniques, and viral foods. In the chef’s latest video, he can be seen reacting to DJ Marshmello making a sandwich. Watch the full video here: 

The video begins with DJ preparing the meat for the sandwich, dressed up in an apron. He cooks up the meat in a pan with a sprinkle of salt, then places it in an oven. Gordon praises the way DJ seared the meat. In the next step, he chops up some mushrooms and Gordon is left impressed with his chopping skills and replies, "Good handwork". Then DJ sautés the chopped mushrooms with some butter, onions, and greens, to which Gordon says, “You can spin a disc and sauté mushrooms.”  

The DJ also fries ham for the sandwich, but Ramsay isn’t very convinced by this step. At the end, the DJ layers all the ingredients of the sandwich, to which the chef responded by saying it was looking good.  Gordon's final verdict is, "Not bad, Marshmello, but stick to your day job". The video has gotten more than 3.2 million views and 66k likes since being posted. Gordon Ramsay shared the reaction on his Instagram handle with the caption, “Definitely not an #IdiotSandwich with this recipe from @marshmello!!!”