Gordon Ramsay’s Mother Reviews His Food And Here’s How It Went
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @gordongram

If you are one who follows international cooking shows and chefs, you would know about celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and his style of critiquing food. Be it a participant on any of his shows, a food trend or from restaurants, Ramsay is known for his unabashed attitude while reviewing foods in the most unapologetic way.

Interestingly, it has actually made him more famous in the food circles and one can't help but also laugh at his humorous roasts of other chefs too. While we do know that Ramsay is one who can't be pleased easily, have you wondered what can happen when tables are turned and the chef is in fact on the other side? That’s exactly what happened when Ramsay himself was at the receiving end this time. Who was on the other side? His own mother! Yes, you read that right. It was indeed Ramsay’s mother who was on the side of giving the judgement to her son. What happens next has left netizens amused. Read on.  

The celebrity chef took to Instagram to share a short reel that shows him cooking a dish in the kitchen with his mother watching over. When he is done, he asks his mother to have a taste of it. His mother dipped her finger in the bowl and tasted it. Her instant reaction is too funny to miss. "Urgh, I don't like that!" she exclaimed. And what's even funnier is the way Ramsay takes the response - He simply laughs.  

Watch the video here:

 "Happy Mother's Day Mum! You may not enjoy my toppings but I love you xxx" Ramsay captioned the video. While Mother's Day is celebrated on May 8 in most countries, in the UK Mother’s Day is celebrated on March 27. Hence, the caption.

The video has already received over 4.6m views and thousands of amusing comments from users who can’t believe Ramsay’s mother’s honesty. "The pure immediate honesty," wrote one user while another said "Lol, moms will be so honest with you." A user said "Probably the only person that can get away with criticising Gordon Ramsay's food, lol" and another comment read "You can be the best chef in the world, but you ain't satisfying mom or cooking better than her".  

Some people also decoded how the celebrity chef got his quirks. One comment read, "Hahaha now I understand everything," another one said, "like mother, like son?"  

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