Check Out Janhvi Kapoor's 'Good Luck' Meal At This Delhi Eatery

Actress Janhvi Kapoor’s ‘Good Luck Jerry’ was released on a major OTT platform on Friday, and the actress cannot contain her excitement for the same. The Hindi language black comedy, is the official remake of the Tamil film ‘Kolamaavu Kokila’ which was released in 2018. It traces the journey of a girl named Jerry who gets drawn into the dangerous world of drug trafficking and then decides to quit. Janhvi who seems rather upbeat about her movie release, did an AMA session with her fans on Instagram on Friday. If you follow Janhvi Kapoor on Instagram, or if you have watched her recent episode on Koffee With Karan S7, you would perhaps know that the actress is a big food buff, much like most of the members of her family. She often takes to Instagram to give us a glimpse of her meals. She may be one of the most beloved fitness icons of the country, but if there’s butter chicken around, she has to be near it, preferably with a plate and a spoon.

When a fan asked her to choose between Sambar Sadham or Chicken Biryani, Janhvi shared a picture of her plate filled with chicken tikka, paneer bhurjee, palak paneer. She was at Delhi’s famous Gulati, Pandara Road as she took the question, and wrote in the caption, “Right now food from Gulati Pandara Road. Indian food after long.”  

Janhvi does share quite a penchant for Indian food it seems. It was quite a moment on Koffee With Karan, when Janhvi tried bribing the ‘Rapid Fire’ jury, by promising to treat them with home-made butter chicken and biryani. Janhvi Kapoor is a hard-core foodie and flaunts it in style, she also made a bizarre confession of breaking up with her boyfriend as he refused to order chicken salad for her. Janhvi clarified later that they also “got back together in six hours”.  And no matter anywhere she goes in India, she tries her best to eat the local cuisines of the region. For instance, when she was shooting for her debut film ‘Dhadak’, she developed a liking for Laal Maas.  Here’s wishing you good luck for ‘Good Luck Jerry’ Janhvi, may you get to relish everything you are craving for.