Godrej Food Trends 2024: Ghee, Desserts To Lead Culinary Shifts
Image Credit: Godrej L'affaire/ Instagram

Much like the fields of fashion and entertainment, culinary maestros predict the future of the gastronomic world. In April 2024, Godrej Vikhroli Cucina, an independent media platform, hosted an event called Godrej Food Trends Report 2024. The pioneers in the industry gathered to talk about the rich food culture, regional cuisines, locally sourced ingredients, and goods that will take over this year.

The annual Godrej Food Trends Report brings forth the culinary shifts expected to drive the world of gastronomy. It takes forward the conversation around cooking, food, nutrition, and travel stories centred around culinary science. It also gives an idea to bloggers and foodies about what they should look forward to.

Tanya Dubash, the Executive Director & Chief Brand Officer of Godrej Industries Limited, introduced the audience to the seventh edition of the report. Food and fitness enthusiast Malaika Arora, celebrity chefs, food bloggers, and nutritionists were among 190 guests eager to discover the trends shaping their dining space in 2024.

Tanya Dubash said, “The 2024 edition focuses on the theme of Provenance pointing towards a deep introspection that will drive innovation and creation across the Indian food industry driven by a desire to embrace and amplify the rich diversity of opportunities that emerge from our land.”

Sujit Patil, Vice President and Head - Corporate Brand and Communications at Godrej Industries Limited & Associate Companies said, “One trend that fills me with joy is that 2024 will illuminate the pivotal role women have played in the culinary landscape of India.”

Culinary Trend Predictions For 2024

Image Credit: Vikhroli Cucina/ Instagram

One of the key things to look forward to is the exponential growth in the popularity of Korean food. Its diverse dishes and bold flavours will capture mainstream attention, making it a go-to pick for many cooking at home or dining out. But imagine Korean food being served with meticulously crafted cocktails. People will be looking up to celebrity mixologists, pop-ups, and bar takeovers.

Another food trend that will take over the culinary world is the popularity of ghee. The age-old ingredient that has been a part of Indian cuisine for centuries will rise again with a newfound respect among youngsters and fitness enthusiasts. India will also witness a rise in the demand for hot sauces, made with exotic chillies adding fiery flavour to the recipes.

If you are a blogger or food journalist, you should know that experience of local cuisine and flavours will drive the content. The story-led narrative will take over the space and drive the conversation ahead. Local and hyper-local ingredients will be the base of creative culinary art, and home chefs will adapt to mindful consumption and drive the demand for healthy and nutritious snacking. 

Desserts will no longer be sinful indulgences but offer a palate of nuanced flavours along with the use of natural sweeteners. Protein-rich foods will be at the forefront of wellness campaigns and high-quality chocolates will lead to a sophisticated experience. 

Regional Cuisines And Global Perspective

Image Credit: Vikhroli Cucina/ Instagram

In 2024, the trends will revolve around regional cuisines and celebrate the culinary landscape of India. Restaurants and chefs specialising in local dishes will witness a surge in their popularity and lesser-explored Indian cuisines will shine bright. This will also bring a shift in the global perspective. People will witness evolution in the existing culinary landscape of India and appreciate its diversity, rich heritage, and vibrant hues. 

Since Indian palates have evolved drastically, people will be more interested in relishing not just Indian but food across the cuisines of the world. Among the delightful flavours, Asian and Mexican cuisines will lead the way in restaurants as well as homes. 

This will also bring a shift in the dining space. As more and more Indians embrace hectic lifestyles, eating outside and ordering in will be a part of trends, which will also promote safe and healthy cooking trends. Restaurants will be more focused on delivering delicious and nutritious food rather than just processed items. Conscious eating will also push people to buy fresh, clean, and tasty ingredients from the local shops and markets. From kitchen appliances to inspiration for menus, everything will witness a shift towards mindfulness.