Goan Vindaloo Ranks 14 On World’s 50 Best Pork Dishes List
Image Credit: Shemins

The online travel guide Taste Atlas released their annual list of the ’50 Best Pork Dishes’ around the world for the year, and Goa’s vindaloo ranked 14. Made by marinating pork cooked with vinegar, garlic, ginger, and spices such as cumin, cinnamon and cloves, the dish often includes potatoes, which help to balance out the heat of the spices. Typically served with rice or pao – a Portuguese-influenced local bread, the vindaloo has fascinating Indo-Portuguese origins.

Believed to be derived from the Portuguese dish carne de vinha d’alhos, which translates to ‘meat marinated in wine vinegar and garlic,’ the vindaloo was brought to Goa by Portuguese colonisers during the 15th century. The use of vinegar, which was later incorporated during the Goan adaptation of the dish, not only tenderized the meat but also acted as a preservative, making it suitable for the tropical climate of Goa.

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The vindaloo which featured on Taste Atlas’ list, was preceeded by the katsudon from Japan and followed by the char siu from Vietnam. The lechona from Colombia bagged the top spot as the best pork dish in the world, followed by the pernil from Puerto Rico and gringas from Mexico. With time, the vindaloo has also been variated to include chicken, mutton, shrimp and even mushrooms for vegetarians. The vindaloo masala – or the pork marinade – uses ingredients similar to what is typically used to make the Goan chorizo, highlighting the sharp notes of chilli, garlic and vinegar.