Give Your Lunch A Coastal Twist With This Spicy, Creamy Goan Prawn Pulao Recipe
Image Credit: Pexels

Did you know the word ‘Goa’ is derived from Konkani word ‘Goan’ which means a patch of tall grass, and indeed the greenery, the serene picturesque locales, the majestical beaches together make Goa and traveler's dream come true. But a quintessential ‘Goa trip’ is never quite complete without exploring the culinary marvels of the state. An erstwhile Portuguese colony, Goan cuisine borrows a lot from Portuguese style of cooking, but local influences are also well-incorporated, giving us the chance to relish something that is truly unique and remarkable. Think Goan food, and one of the first things to cross your mind is the Goan Vindaloo, a traditional dish of the catholic community of Goa, introduced in the subcontinent by the Portuguese. The meaty preparation is sure worth the hype, but Goa’s proximity to the sea has also contributed immensely to the state’s seafood fare.  

Various fishes, crabs, oysters, lobsters are prepared with free use of spices, seasoning and sometimes even liquor. Besides, the rich curries and stews, there’s also a variety of rice dishes made with seafood. The Goan Prawn Pulao or rice, is one fine example. Pulao and even Biryani for that matter was introduced to India by the Persian and Central-Asian travellers. Pulao occupied immense importance in the big, fat Mughlai spread, It is only now that we have sort of interiorized Pulao in comparison to Biryani, but Goa sure knows how to rev up their Pulao and make it a feast in itself. Both the Goan Sausage Pulao and Goan Prawns Pulao are easily available in most eateries and shacks of Goa.  

Goan Prawns Pulao is actually a fairly simple preparation and with this simple recipe you can make it quicker than usual. First of all, you need to prepare the prawn gravy. For which the prawns need to be tossed with a blend of spices and veggies such as green chillies, tomato, onions, cashews, cardamom, ginger-garlic paste, cinnamon, black peppercorn, bay leaf, mint leaves and cook until the prawns are tender. It is a good idea to use only fresh, veined prawns, and use ghee for the cooking. The prawns are then cooked with cooked basmati rice. Basmati is preferable so that rice does not get too mushy. The long grain basmati rice has less starch, which ensures the grains remain separate.

Here is the complete recipe for Goan Prawn Pulao, try the recipe soon and let us know how you liked it.