Give A Vegetarian Makeover To Chicken 65 With This Gobi 65 Recipe

Indian kitchen cabinets are filled with an array of spices and each of them have distinct place. They can amp up a dish with just a handful. They are lauded worldwide for their rich flavouring nature. Since each spice holds a special position of its own, when they are mixed to create a whole new masala mixture, it often gives birth to classic amalgamation of spices, like ‘65 masala’. This '65' dishes hail from the southern part of India. South-Indian cuisine is widely praised for their rich cuisine for their lip-smacking flavours. Though many think that the region is all about mild dishes, the reality is far from it. The cuisine has an array of tangy dishes that is unknown to many. The classic chicken 65 is one of them which has won our hearts with its rich piquant flavours.

Gobhi is a beloved vegetable in Indian households

The origin of chicken 65 is quite alluring as many believe this tantalizing dish came from one of the modest hotels in Tamil Nadu. This delightful dish was created by Chennai's famous Chef A.M Buhari in the year 1965. The dish is not only just popular for its enticing flavours but it is also known for its peculiar name. There is a plethora of bizarre stories that has come to light around the name chicken 65- like the chicken is marinated for 65 days or the chicken is cut into 65 small pieces, and the queerest theory would be that, it is made from a 65-day-old chicken. Whatever the case might be, the dish is truly mouth-watering for its inclusion of aromatic spices with the classic South Indian tadka of fresh curry leaves.

You can revamp this dish into a vegetarian recipe as well with the use of cauliflower florets. The texture of this veggie is not far removed from chicken, which will provide you the same spicy, crunchy and juicy flavours, that you would find hard to resist. You can gorge upon this stellar dish whenever you like whether as a starter or snack or pair it with garam phulkas to make it a wholesome meal. In any way, you would truly relish it. Here’s the recipe of delish cauliflower 65.