Give A Street Food Touch To The Dinner Table
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There are some days when you crave something "chatpatta" and don't want to have the usual homemade food for dinner. In those days street food style dishes work the best. Street food includes dishes that a hawker or vendor sells ready-to-eat food or drink in a street or other public place, such as a market or fair. It is usually sold from a mobile food booth, cart, or truck and is intended for immediate consumption. While some street cuisines are regional, many have gone far beyond their origins. Most street foods are both finger food and fast food, and they are usually less expensive than restaurant meals. Distinct places and cultures around the world have different sorts of street cuisine. Indian street foods are famous around the world for their flavour, variety, and accessibility in places such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Bangalore, to mention a few. Kathi rolls, daulat ki chaat, chhole bhature, and misal pav are some of the most popular street foods. Every region of India has its own speciality, whether it is in the north, south, east, or west. Indian street food is unique in that it is made using a variety of unusual spices and ingredients. Apart from Indians, many foreign visitors rave about Indian street food.

Here are some street style dishes you can make for dinner and startle your taste buds-


Dabeli, which is said to have originated in Gujarat's Kutch region, is a unique combination of softness and crunch. When you arrive in Gujarat, you'll see wide streets and narrow lanes lined with dabeli stalls. This delicious vada pav cousin is made by putting spiced potato mixture into greased paos and grilling them on a tawa. This delicacy is made using a particular dabeli masala, as well as garlic and tamarind chutney. To give the meal more crunch, ample amounts of sev gathia and juicy pomegranate seeds are sprinkled on top.

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Kathi Roll

There is no doubting that Kolkata and Lucknow are known for their kathi rolls. Served with a scrumptious mixture of kebabs and raw vegetables, kathi rolls are a visual and gustatory delight. The contents are stuffed inside a flaky and crispy maida-based paratha. It is usually served with onions and green chutney.

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Matar Kulcha

If you are a true street food lover, you must have matar kulcha, the ultimate street food speciality. The mix of boiled white chana or white matar and toasted kulchas will leave you wanting more. It offers a wide range of flavours and is best served with ginger juliennes and tomato slices on top. Matar kulcha is a typical Delhi street meal that is tangy and spicy and has everything you need to satisfy your hunger.

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