Giloy Juice For Skin: Anti-Ageing, Brightening, And More

Achieving healthy, glowing and radiant skin is what most of us dream about. While some are lucky enough to have been born with such beautiful skin, some might have to work a little harder to achieve their desired skin quality. The skin just doesn’t need to be beautiful from outside, but it should from healthy from inside. And to achieve skin with inside glow, you just need Giloy. Giloy is a powerful ingredient in the Ayurvedic medicine system. Know more about it! 

Known for its immunity building properties, giloy can remove toxins and detoxify the body to the fullest. Best part, it is a boon for the skin.  Giloy also known as Tinospora Cordifolia) is an ayurvedic herb called ‘Amrit’ in Sanskrit. This herb can work like a magic wand for overall health and can have some magical effects on the skin. Here are 5 reasons why you should have giloy juice for healthy and glowing skin.  

Prevents Ageing Signs 

Giloy is a medicinal herb which contains antioxidants that can prevent free radical damage on the skin. Besides, giloy can also prevent cell damage and can help you get rid of premature ageing. It also helps in reducing fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles as well as blemishes. 

Prevents Acne 

If there is a natural remedy that can prevent and curd acne, it could be no other than giloy. It is best known for its blood purifying properties and thus, is also called “Raktashodhaka’ in ‘Ayurveda. It helps in battling germs and bacteria that can lead to acne. It can provide a clear, acne-free and flawless skin.  

Brightens The Complexion 

Did you know that with the consumption of giloy juice, you can actually have glowing skin?Giloy contains rejuvenating effects on your skin and thus, its juice can work like magic for the skin. You can have giloy juice every day or thrice a week, as per the requirement.  

Treats Skin Disorders 

Apart from providing glow and radiance, giloy juice can also help in treating skin related diseases. Most common skin diseases like eczema, dermatitis and even leprosy can be cured with the help of giloy. It contains antioxidants and anti-leprotic properties which makes it viable in treating such difficult and painful skin ailments. It can be helpful when it comes to rashes as well as redness. 

Provides Within Glow 

With the consumption of giloy juice, you can get a healthy glow from inside. Giloy has detoxifying properties and thus, it can remove toxins from the body. It promotes better digestion and is good for overall health too. When you are healthy and fit, skin glows from inside. 

So, rush after Giloy instead of those expensive creams!