Gila Bada To Shegaon Kachori: Amravati's 7 Iconic Dishes
Image Credit: Shital's Katta/facebook

Maharashtra is one of the top states to visit in India. With the gorgeous beauty of nature and the glittering lights of the urban centres, it is a major attraction not only for Indians but also for foreign tourists. Maharashtra is also known for its rich cuisine, and each region offers some mouthwatering dishes that no foodie can resist. 

Besides the capital of the state, Mumbai, Amravati is another must-visit city in Maharashtra. Named after the ancient Ambadevi temple, it has a rich history, countless ancient temples, and many other amazing spots to explore. Apart from its culture and heritage, the food in Amravati also captures the hearts of the visitors. 

If you are planning to visit Amravati, here are the top seven dishes to try in the city:

Gila Bada 

Gila bada, or gila vada, is a famous dish of Amravati that is prepared from black gram (urad dal). This snack is deep-fried in oil and then soaked in water for a while. This process softens up the vada and makes it spongy, which gives the dish its name. Be it a street stall or restaurant, you can find gila vada everywhere in the city. 

Sambar Vadi 

Sambar vadi is another popular street food in the city. Prepared with gram flour, poppy seeds, dry coconut, and spices like garam masala and red chilli powder, it is very similar to the iconic snack bhakar vadi. This roll-shaped delight has all three types of flavours: sour, sweet, and bitter. Sambar vadi is best served with chutney and fried green chillies. 

Gup Chup 

No doubt, this spicy and flavourful street snack has gained popularity all over India. Known by different names like pani puri, golgappe, pani batashe, and puchka, it is also called gup chup in some regions of the country. It consists of a deep-fried puri, which is filled with spicy potato mix, onions, chickpeas, and mixed-flavoured water.  

Aloo Bonda With Rassa

This unique and delicious combination is a must-try in Amravati. In simple words, aloo bonda is a mixture of potatoes and spices that is deep-fried in oil. It is very similar to samosa, but instead of all-purpose flour, it is coated with gram flour. In addition to that, rassa gives it a delicious, spicy flavour. 

Shegaon Kachori

Though Shegaon kachori did not originate in Amravati, it has a huge demand in the city among the locals. Mostly enjoyed as a snack or breakfast, this kachori consists of maida, besan, and peas. Shegaon kachoris have many variations that also include almonds, cashews, and pistachios inside.   

Batata Vada

This delicious, deep-fried delight is very popular in the state of Maharashtra. Batata vada is best served with hot and spicy green chutney or dry garlic chutney. It is prepared with a spicy potato filling that is dipped in a gram flour batter. It’s crunchy, flavourful and completely irresistible. You can also enjoy it with your evening tea. 

Dahi Puri Chaat

Chaat is one of the most loved street foods all over the country, and dahi puri chaat is the favourite of Amravati people. It is prepared by stuffing a crispy, puffy puri with mashed potatoes and then topped with a flavourful mix of chutneys, onions, sev, and curd. It has a perfect balance of sweet, sour, and spicy flavour.