Roti With 171Kg Atta Sets World Record In Rajasthan’s Bhilwara
Image Credit: Google images

From the longest Brownie to the largest portion of Khichdi, Indian foodies have always managed to create new world records that not only highlight Indian ingredients and dishes but also this nation’s immense capacity for ingenuity or jugaad. Proving this very fact in Rajasthan’s Bhilwara are a group of people who have now created a new record that has gone down in the Guinness Book of World Records and the International Book of Records. Bhilwara residents got together to make the World’s Largest Roti and after hours of efforts, managed to set a new record. 

The effort to set a new record was organised by Bhilwara District Spokesperson and Rajasthan Jan Manch President, Kailash Soni. Reports suggest that around 171 kilos of wheat flour or atta was used to make the humungous roti. Additionally, around 15 kilos of ghee, 10 kilos of oil and 50 kilos of water were also required to make the record-setting roti. The whole event took place at Bhilwara’s Hari Seva Udasin Ashram, where 21 trained halwais or confectioners were brought together to make the giant roti.  

Video Credit: YouTube/Kabita's Kitchen

A specially crafted giant iron pan was set up to cook the roti over a chulha made with 2,000 clay bricks and 1,000 kilos of coal. The ultimate roti was 16 by 12 feet in size, and took about five hours to make completely. Reports suggest that the preparations for the event started in the morning, and the roti was finally ready around 5.30PM in the evening. The roti was then weighed and the final weight for the record turned out to be 185 kilos. The roti was then cut and distributed among the people present. 

Reports suggest that the entire event was spearheaded by Kailash Soni, who wanted to do something different for his birthday. Instead of adopting the Western concept of cutting a cake on his birthday, reports suggest that the local leader wanted to attempt a new record and cut a roti to mark the day. He had therefore applied to both Guinness Book of World Records and the International Book of Records by Limca to register the record-breaking roti in Bhilwara. The entire process was therefore recorded live and at the end, this roti did emerge as the World’s Largest Roti. 

The record for the World’s Largest Roti was previously held by a group in Jamnagar, Gujarat, who had made their roti worth 145 kilos. The Bhilwara roti, at 185 kilos, finally broke this previous record and set a new one.