Getting Organic Food Is Now Easy: Meet Urbana Superfoods
Image Credit: Himalayan Turmeric Powder From Urbana Superfoods

Eating naturally grown, healthy food is quite essential in today’s time especially when people are so engrossed in their busy lifestyle that they hardly pay attention to their diet. Naturally grown, healthy foods tend to be rich in essential nutrients vital for maintaining good health, supporting bodily functions, and preventing chronic diseases. Naturally grown foods often have more intense and authentic flavors. Best part? They promote soil health, reduce the use of synthetic chemicals, and conserve water resources. Sustainable agriculture practices also help mitigate climate change and protect biodiversity.

Not just from the health perspective, it is also beneficial when it comes to supporting local farmers. Purchasing naturally grown, healthy foods from local farmers and markets can stimulate the local economy and support small-scale agriculture, which is often more environmentally responsible than large-scale industrial farming. Did you know that there is a company working at their best to provide you the organic and naturally grown healthy foods? Yes, we are talking about Urbana Superfoods.

Working on a mission to generate wide awareness and appreciation of good food that benefits the human body, Urbana Superfoods is an artisanal superfoods company founded by Bharat Budhiraja. As a keen trekker and nature lover, Bharat has spent many years walking numerous paths in the Uttarakhand Himalayas. Thus, it was natural for him to establish his livelihood here. A Postgraduate engineer by qualification (MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne, USA), Bharat spent the initial 3 years of his career traveling to far-flung areas of rural India, meeting dairy farmers. This was to help a well-known innovator in the clean tech space, establish their operations in India.

This motivated him to spend more time at grassroots levels instead of taking up a more lucrative Corporate job. This, combined with his love for mountains inspired Bharat to start his brand, Urbana Superfoods! The name ‘Urbana’ is inspired by UIUC and ‘Urban.’ Bharat’s first project was the Kale project. With an aim to grow useful global foods locally, he started growing Kale in Uttarakhand. The clean air and cool temperatures make his Kale very crisp and flavourful all year around.

He worked closely with local farmers, adding his tiny bit towards encouraging reverse migration by generating jobs for a few. With the success of his Kale project, Bharat ventured into growing Japanese strawberries and starting a small dairy with a local family. After years of hard work, Urbana Superfoods’s products Kale powder and barley grass powder along with healthy chewables made with wholesome, simple, and high-quality organic ingredients have taken the market by storm. Their pantry essentials like sesame oil, buffalo ghee, Himalayan turmeric, and mustard oil to name a few, have also been getting wonderful responses.

Urbana Superfoods’s brand ethos is purity, natural, and fresh. They take full responsibility for the quality by managing the complete supply chain of the products by themselves - by growing and/or processing on their own. For some specific plant produce, they work directly with farmers, mostly women in the middle Himalayas (7000ft to 10000ft) of Uttarakhand in the Almora district. These farmers have pristine farms and use only organic fertilizers and pure Himalayan spring water. Produce is harvested at the peak of its nutrition and either pulverized into powders or sun-dried.

By using simple techniques that are completely environment-friendly and sustainable for plant produce and dairy produce, they have been working at their best to deliver the best naturally grown foods to you. What are you waiting for?