This Summer, Get Rid Of Kitchen Heat With Induction Cooking
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Induction cookers are now a regular feature in Indian kitchens, among other appliances. Do you know why? Because it makes cooking an effortless activity and also helps save time. An induction cooker does not heat up, but if you keep utensils on it, those get heated up fast. Now, you would ask why? Let us give you the answer through this article. Along with this, we will also tell you how an induction cooker works and its benefits.

What is an induction cooker?

There was a time when heaters, chulhas, LPG gas and earthen stoves were used in homes. But with time, there have been many technological changes, and now cooking has become more accessible through many modern electronic things. Induction or gas is currently being used in many homes because it is easy and convenient. Also, induction is an electric cooker that heats only the vessel for cooking. It looks like an electronic scale and runs on electricity. The most important thing about this stove is that food gets cooked 50% faster than other things. There is no work of a fire in it, so it is suitable to use induction completely.

How does an induction cooker work?

You do not need any LPG gas, wood, kerosene etc., to use this cooker, but it works only after coming in contact with energy, i.e. electricity. Apart from this, how does it work? There’s a copper coil inside the induction cooker. The current reaches the flowing coil because the copper coil produces a magnetic effect when using the induction cooker. So, food kept in any steel vessel gets hot after coming in contact with it.

Also, let us tell you that the induction cooker does not work on all types of utensils. This will only work on utensils that are iron-based. It also works on some stainless utensils as they have a small amount of iron. Therefore, if you're thinking of buying it, then you will also have to purchase the utensils used on the induction cooker separately.

Benefits of induction cooking

1. If you use an induction cooker, its advantages are that you will not feel the heat while cooking.

2. Apart from that, even kids in the house can do cooking easily because there is no danger to them with this induction cooker.

3. There is no possibility of an accident like a fire from an induction cooker, as it is safe and effortless to use.

4. You don't need to fill the gas cylinder to use the induction cooker because it runs on electricity.

5. In this, liquid things are cooked very fast and efficiently. Apart from this, your kitchen environment isn't much hotter than the gas kitchen.

Ladies, now you can easily use an induction cooker for cooking.