German Sausages And Their Never-Ending Charm

Well, German is just not famous for its Romanesque architecture but also beer, pretzels, and sausages. Germany is synonymous with sausages and this is for a reason. It has not just one but so many varieties available that can drive you crazy. Indeed, sausages are a source of the country’s national pride. You know what? Most of the locally made sausages are closely guarded recipes and only a few have access.  

For those who don’t know, sausages are semi-cooked, cooked, or uncooked meat form made with added spices, herbs, and seasonings. The spiced meat is then stuffed into a sheer casing or a certain shape. Earlier, the casing used was made out of animal intestines but now cellulose is used mostly. Traditionally, sausages were made with the idea of preserving food as it included fermentation and freezing. But not every sausage requires freezing. Considered an easy and nutritious meal, sausages have been close to our hearts and this is for a reason. Let us know about some of the most popular German sausage varieties.  


This is one of the most popular German sausages. Commonly made up of finely minced pork also beef, chicken, and veal, these sausages are usually grilled and paired with sweet German mustard. These sausages are easy, convenient, and delicious.  


Though leberkäse translates to liver cheese, it neither contains liver nor cheese. This Bavarian type of sausage is quite similar to a pink meatloaf made with finely minced pork, corned beef, and onions and is one of the yummiest German sausages. 


These sausages look similar to American hit digs and are commonly made up of ground veal and pork. Usually seasoned with white pepper, paprika, and salt, these sausages are mostly eaten with bock beer and mustard.  


These in literal words are white sausages, These Bavarian sausages are made up of minced pork, bacon, and veal. It is a staple breakfast sausage in the country and spiced up with onions, ginger, parsley, lemon zest, and cardamom. 


This is quite a different variety of smoked sausage mostly made up of pig lard, beef, bacon, and groats of oats or barley. This sausage is quite loved among the people but the exact recipe is still guarded like many others. 

So, how many of these sausages have you tried? Do let us know!