German Man Cooks Dal Makhani Like A Pro In Viral Video; Indians Are Impressed
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @herbifoods

As Indians, our taste buds are very diverse, making us enjoy all kinds of food. Be it Japanese sushi or ramen, Italian pasta and pizza, Chinese dim sum, or even Thai curry, Indians love to explore it all. But that isn’t the case with people from the West. With their taste buds averse to the different types of spices and chillies, people of other countries don't necessarily enjoy eating Indian food as it can get a little too spicy for their somewhat bland palate. But again there are exceptions everywhere, and one German man is here to prove exactly that. Not only does he enjoy eating Indian food, he can also cook Indian food like a pro! Yes, you read that right. 

In a video that has been going viral on Instagram, a man is seen cooking an extremely popular Indian delicacy and Indians were surprised to see how well he is at that! Paul Kober is a chef based in Berlin, and he is known for sharing easy vegan recipes on his food blog @herbifoods on Instagram. What’s interesting is that he keeps on trying popular delicacies from different cuisines as well, and shares the recipe too. By giving a vegan angle to most of his recipes, he adds a personal spin to each dish.  

This time Paul took to his Instagram handle to share the recipe of popular Indian delicacy Dal Makhani. One of the most popular North Indian dishes, Dal Makhani has black whole urad dal (black gram) cooked in a blend of whole spices and luscious cream. It is best enjoyed with piping hot rotis or naans. While it is quite a regular feature in Indian homes, Indians were pleasantly surprised to see Paul not only try it but also give a vegan touch to it. Take a look at his video:

Doesn’t the end result look irresistibly delicious? Not only did he nail the dal makhani recipe, but he actually managed to make it vegan in a way that the taste remains the same. Instead of adding dairy products like butter and cream, he simply switched to vegan options for the same. Simple, isn’t it? 

Indians across the world couldn’t resist but share their views. "This is the only respectful, beautiful, smooth cooking tutorial I've seen someone do of a culture different than their own. Thank you", wrote one person, while another comment read, "He makes (sic) the daal look so gourmet." "Wow you tried this ... so yummy this is our most fav recipe in India” wrote another user. Here’s how other people reacted on his video: 

"Amazing...You cooked Indian food in Indian way" 

"I grew up eating north Indian Food and this is an absolute fav"

Craving some Dal Makhani already? Here’s a simple recipe for you to try at home.