Genius Hack To Remove Coriander Leaves From Stem Goes Viral
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

The Indian kitchen is nothing without spices and herbs. Right from our garam masala and haldi powder to onion, garlic, ginger and more, can you imagine your dishes without them? I know I can’t. One such staple herb of Indian cuisine is the coriander or dhania. An essential ingredient, particularly for garnishing a dish, coriander lends a bright green hue and can make a dish look even more tempting. But just like the case with every Indian herb and veggies, the process of washing raw coriander, plucking its leaves and then chopping it up is indeed one tedious task, one which most of us would either run from or simply procrastinate. 

But what if we told you there was an easy hack to remove coriander leaves from its stem, saving you some valuable time? A video shared on Instagram showcases a brilliant hack that lets you easily remove coriander leaves from its stem in a matter of seconds. Yes, you read that right. Take a look:


Shared on Instagram Reels by a page called @earthtalant, the genius trick of removing coriander leaves has taken social media by storm, clocking over 170 million views and 5 million likes. The clip of the coriander hack shows a couple in the kitchen, where the man is sitting on a table with a plastic basket with small holes in it - the kind that we commonly use while buying fruits and vegetables in India and also to wash them in. He simply takes a sprig of coriander, puts it through the holes in the basket and pulls it out of the other end. That’s it. All the leaves are removed from the coriander and fall directly into the basket. The coriander stem can then be put away and thrown or used in other recipes. Shocked, right? It seems like we all will be trying this in our kitchen to quickly process coriander for all our recipes now. 

This hack has definitely surprised netizens across the world, as people couldn’t believe how it could have been so simple. "Always give tough work to a lazy person because he'll find an easier way to do it," said one user. Another user pointed out that the same method could also apply to mint and other herbs as well. A few others suggested chopping up the stems of coriander leaves as well for maximum flavour. Many users called the man a genius!  What did you think of the brilliant coriander hack? Let us know. 

And now that you know how to quickly chop coriander leaves, we have some recipes for you to try with it. No, you don’t really need to just garnish coriander over raitas and curries, but you can also make some delicious delicacies with it. From coriander rice, pesto, chutney, roti and fritters to coriander pizza, salads and omelette, here are some yummy options for you to try with coriander. Click here for some delicious coriander recipes