Genius Hack Of Eating Biscuits and Peanut Butter Together Has Left People Amazed

The internet is full of genius hacks that make our everyday lives easier. The fun and fascinating hacks use tricks to make it easy for us to nail our day-to-day jobs. However, out of the myriads of hacks on the internet, those involving food attract our attention the most. Isn’t it obvious for a group of foodies like us? These facts involve easy tips to cook, store and eat food and we are all about it. One such video has recently caught our attention and trust us when we say this: this hack will amaze you for sure. And if you have a sweet tooth like us, then we are sure you are going to love this.

Many of us enjoy munching on sweet and crunchy treats. Some of you must have relished a biscuit and jam sandwich as a mid-day snack often. One of the most delicious, simplest and most interesting treats, biscuits and jam sandwiches are decadent. Although delicious, these sandwiches leave us and our kitchen platforms messy. However, a recent hack is doing rounds on the internet and involves peanut butter and biscuits!

In this video uploaded by the famous Instagram account @pubity, a man is seen eating peanut butter and biscuits with an interesting trick. He first takes some gooey peanut butter with a knife, takes the knife and sandwiches two biscuits on two sides. This makes the biscuit stick to the peanut butter and voila! You get crunchy peanut butter and biscuit sandwich in no time! This video was originally shared by the TikTok content creator Emily Ann on her Instagram handle @thikk.fila. The video has garnered over 15 million views, 1.7 million likes and thousands of comments in just 22 hours! The comments section is filled with praises from netizens around the world. Take a look at them:

“This has to be the smoothest way I've ever seen someone make peanut butter crackers”

“He's eating with so much sass 😭📈”

“He's here from the future, for sure”

“Einstein is jealous right now”

Will you try this hack at home? Do let us know in the comments section.