Gauahar Khan Visits Mecca During Ramadan; Here’s A Glimpse Of Her Lavish Iftar
Image Credit: Screengrab of post/Instagram, The Mecca-special iftar feast looks absolutely delish.

The time of Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims. The month-long fasts are followed by lavish treats as part of Iftar each day. Beginning with Sehri before dawn is a ritual practiced in most Muslim households during Ramadan and the day ends by breaking the fast with a delectable feast. It is believed that fasting during this time brings you closer to God and helps you reconnect with your roots, while keeping all evils at bay. From biryanis to kebabs and kormas, the platter is laden with all things possible and the ritual of eating together as a family or community is also inculcated through this. 

Gauahar Khan has been entertaining us with her fun and spontaneous Ramadan reels. From urging followers to not cheat during fasts and eat at the right time to featuring her friends and family in her hilarious takes on the festival, the television and film actress has been enjoying her time. She recently took off to Mecca with her family after her work commitments. The auspicious time as well as the sacred place add to the serenity of the festival. 

Upon reaching her hotel, she gave us a sneak-peek into her iftar spread. It was an elaborate meal consisting of exotic fruits, breads, buns, meaty dishes and plenty of desserts. This has really tempted us and we are drooling at the sight of her magnificent feast with her family. Take a look. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Gauahar Khan

Bring the nawabi flavours to your table this Iftar. The rich, thick and vibrant chicken curry has a beautiful orange colour that is quite tempting. Cooked in coconut milk, the curry is served with a side of yellow rice.