Gary Mehigan Feasts On Chhole-Bhature, Champaran Mutton In Delhi

Embracing the culture and traditions of India like no other, former Masterchef Australia judge and chef, Gary Mehigan continues his love for all things desi in his latest trip to Delhi. The work trip which not only has him cooking but also collaborating with food vloggers to make fun content for social media, also gave him the opportunity to sample some delicious food. Like anyone who must visit Delhi should do, Gary made a quick stop to get his fill of chhole-bhature and lassi – all of which was served with a spicy potato sabzi and sliced onions.

Following this epic meal, Gary also relished the taste of champaran mutton – a slow-cooked meat curry made in a sealed earthen pot, along with rotis and a salad on the side. Keeping up with the pace of Indians’ love for all things delicious, Gary also sat down with a popular blogger to enjoy some butter chicken and missi roti, while discussing the idea of adding his own unique twist to the classic North Indian dish. He suggested transforming the butter chicken into a Vietnamese sandwich called the banh mi – made with fresh coriander, pickles, fresh ginger and serve gravy on the side.

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While he took a bite of the momo for a trending reel in one video, another video saw Gary try the momo burger which he said was ‘alright’, mentioning in the same vein that ‘cheese and chutney fixes everything’. He also gave a thumbs-up to the pizza paratha but said that the butter chicken tacos could do with a kick of spice. Both, the food vlogger and Gary washed down their sampling of these interesting fusion dishes with a shot of whiskey. Among all the rush, he also managed to sneak a quick trip to Kasauli, where he enjoyed a meal at Prateek Sadhu’s critically acclaimed restaurant – Naar.