Gary Mehigan Enjoys A Meal At Prateek Sadhu's Kasauli Restaurant

Following his string of culinary adventures in Delhi, which included bingeing on chhole-bhature and champaran mutton, Gary Mehigan also sneaked in a trip to the hills for a delicious meal. Paying a special visit to chef Prateek Sadhu’s Kasauli-based Naar – Gary gushed about the food there, which spotlights Himalayan produce and cuisine. Known for its seasonal menus that incorporate locally-sourced ingredients, Gary shared a glimpse of his visit through a video he shared on social media.

Captioning the video he said, “So was the flight to Chandigarh and a two hour plus drive up into the Himalayas worth it…you bet! Thank you @prateeksadhu and team for a brilliant evening of delicious food, great company and exceptional attention to detail from the whole crew. I loved it.” Further describing his favourites of the meal, Gary appreciated the masala carrot cooked in chaas or buttermilk and hand-pulled noodles from Uttarakhand known as sunderkala – which was served with blood sausage. So much did he love the noodles that Gary mentioned he could eat them 20 times over. In addition to these preparations, the chef also had the opportunity to enjoy some Himalayan cheese with apple jam and pine honey.

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However, the highlight of his whole experience, according to him was the pork and bamboo shoot with ‘too many accompaniments.’ Congratulating chef Prateek for his work and applauding his love for local produce, the video also showed some decadent desserts – one of which was shaped like a cannabis leaf and the other topped with some type of berry jam. Gary also posed for a photograph with the team at the restaurant, while sharing some breath-taking shots of the panoramic view from the porch.