Ganesh Chaturthi: 10 Best Modak Places In Mumbai By City Foodies
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The fact that Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai, Maharashtra is synonymous with Modaks—especially the traditional rice flour and coconut-based Ukadiche Modak—is a very well-known fact. The popularity of Modaks as one of Lord Ganesha’s favourite sweet dishes to indulge in is widespread across Maharashtra, but in Mumbai, the sweet is whipped up for Ganpati Bappa in every home and mithai shop. With Modak moulds now easily available in the market, many people choose to make their own mawa or chocolate Modaks at home. 

And yet, for a city bursting with thousands of Ganesh Chaturthi pandals and throngs of locals and tourists, there can never be enough Modaks, right? To supply the ever-increasing demand of Modaks during Ganesh Chaturthi, the thousands of mithai shops take special measures to make and supply the best Ukadiche Modak, Mawa Modak and much more. If you are visiting Mumbai during Ganesh Chaturthi, what are the places that you need to visit for the most authentic taste of Modaks? 

To answer this, Slurrp caught up with Mumbai-based foodies who know every inch of the city and the best Modak places. From the bylanes of Bandra to the streets of Thane and Malad, our city foodies came up with some of the best recommendations. Here are the 10 best Modak places in Mumbai recommended by the city’s foodies. 

1. Aaswad, Dadar by Dharmik Ramesh Darji @the_temptationalley 

Also known as Aaswad Upahar and Mithaigriha, Aaswad in Dadar is one of the most popular Modak places for those in South Bombay. “They make their Ukadiche Modak in the most authentic way,” Dharmik says. “The outer layer of the Modak is very thin and there’s always a generous amount of stuffing. Also, they serve it with melted ghee, which is the best part.” Aaswad is also popular for selling other Maharashtrian traditional sweet dishes, like Kharvas, Shrikhand, Puran Poli and Aamras. 

Must Try: Modak, Aamras 

Price for Two: Rs 300 (Approx.) 

Address: 4, Sanskruti, L J.Road, Gadkari Chowk,Dadar West, Mumbai 

2. Panshikar, Girgaum by Adarsh Munjal @thebigbhookad and Sushmita Rekhi @sushiontherolls_ 

“Dating back to 1921, Jitendra Panshikar's sweet shop in Girgaum has acquired legendary status in Maharashtrian homes for its Ukadiche Modaks,” says Sushmita. “Now with two more outlets, one in Vile Parle and another one in Dadar, Panshikar continues to fashion its modaks the same way they were made in the old days before ready-made moulds flooded the market.”  

It is this commitment to authenticity and flavours that also makes Panshikar the go-to place for Adarsh. “The best Ukadiche Modak is from Panishkar, no doubt,” he says. “It was a tradition in our family to bring Ukadiche Modaks from Panishkar in 25 to 40 boxes to send to clients, family and others.” So, Modaks from Panshikar should be on your must-have list.  

Must Try: Ukadiche Modak, Motichoor Laddoo  

Price for Two: Rs 300 (Approx.) 

Address: Gordhandas Building, Jagannath Shankar Sheth Road, Girgaum, Mumbai 

3. Modakam, Prabhadevi by Jeevika Sharma @the_gastronomic_guide 

The very name of this iconic Mumbai mithai shop evokes images of the best Modaks in town, and according to Jeevika, they truly deliver. Located close to Siddhivinayak Temple, Modakam gets crowds of Lord Ganesha devotees every day vying for the Modak and Laddoos. “The Modaks here are fresh and well-stuffed with coconut and jaggery,” she says. “The outer shell is thin and well cooked. They have the authentic taste and the takeaway Modak remains fresh even after hours or till the next day.” Though the ambience here is quite decent, Jeevika recommends takeaway.  

Must Try: Ukadiche Modak, Farali Pattice, Misal Pav 

Price for Two: Rs 300 (approx.) 

Address: 8/1, Kamana CHS, SK Bole Marg, Near Sidhivinayak Temple, Prabhadevi, Mumbai 

4. Prashant Corner, Thane by Adarsh Munjal @thebigbhookad 

For those who grew up in Thane, like Adarsh’s mother, Prashant Corner is still the go-to place for the Ukadiche Modak they make. The three decades old place is so popular that people still travel all the way to Thane for their signature sweets. “My mom used to take the train from Bombay Central to Dadar and switch trains to go to Thane for these Modaks, while I was in school,” says Adarsh. All that effort for Modaks that she loved eating while growing up. I had accompanied her on  many such trips.” If that isn’t a testimony for how good the Modaks at Prashant Corner are, then what is? 

Must Try: Mohanthal, Motichoor Laddo, Konkan Ratna Laddoo  

Price for Two: Rs 350 (Approx.) 

Address: 14-18, Gagangiri Society, Panch Pakhadi, Thane West, Thane 

5. Swami Uphar Gruha, Dadar by Sushmita Rekhi @sushiontherolls_ 

With branches in both Dadar and Thane, Swami Upahar Gruh is one of the most popular hangout spots that specialise in Maharashtrian favourites like Ukadiche Modak and Thalipeeth. “Swami Upahar Gruh is a delightful place to savour traditional Maharashtrian cuisine, and it is particularly known for its delicious Ukadiche Modak around Ganesh Chaturthi,” Sushmita says. “Their Ukadiche Modak is renowned for its authentic taste and quality, making it a must-visit spot for Modak enthusiasts.” 

Must Try: Ukadiche Modak, Thalipeeth, Kothimbir Vadi 

Price for Two: Rs 100 (Approx.) 

Address: Shop 11, Radha krishna Niwas, Opposite Chabil Das School, Dadar West, Mumbai 

6. MM Mithaiwala, Malad West by Jeevika Sharma @the_gastronomic_guide 

For those living on the Western Line, especially Andheri and Malad, MM Mithaiwala offers the best Modaks in the zone. “Their Modaks are aromatic and flavourful, and the size is a little bigger than usual,” says Jeevika. “The Modak’s texture is good, and the filling is of coconut and sugar or jaggery. It tastes heavenly when eaten with a spoon of desi ghee on top.” Jeevika says the ambience here is quite good and there is a seating area that is always crowded.  

Must Try: Jumbo Vada Pav, Malai Peda, Modak  

Price for Two: Rs 200-300 (Approx.) 

Address: Vasanti Bhavan, Opposite Malad Station, Malad West, Mumbai 

7. Ketkar Caterers, Dadar by Adarsh Munjal @thebigbhookad 

For those on the lookout for the best Modaks and sweets in town, Ketkar Caterers is quite the find. “The Ketkar family is extremely famous for making more than 100 kilos of Ukadiche Modaks and distributing it amongst those who order a week in advance during Ganesh Chaturthi,” Adarsh explains. “They function out of Dadar but deliver across the city. They supply to not just many households, but many pandals, especially in Dadar and various lanes in Khetwadi. Their seasonal Aamras tins during summer are also very popular from Dadar to Girgaum.” 

Must Try: Ukadiche Modak, Aamras 

Price for Two: Rs 200 (Approx.) 

Address: Harganga Mangal, Annexe Bldg., Sir Bhalchandra Rd, Lokmanya Tilak Colony, Dadar, Mumbai 

8. Amey, Bandra by Sushmita Rekhi @sushiontherolls_ 

Bandra is known to be the home of movie stars and filmmakers, so naturally, the best place for Modaks in the area would also be high-end—and Amey proves this with its delicious Maharashtrian fare. “For people living in Bandra, this is one of the go-to places for Modak delivery,” Sushmita says. “They make traditional Ukadiche Modak throughout the year. Steamed to perfection and slathered with ghee, their Modaks are some of the best.” 

Must Try: Ukadiche Modak, Kothimbir Vadi, Misal Pav  

Price for Two: Rs 850 (Approx.)  

Address: 4, Siddhivinayak Chembers, R P Marg, Gandhi Nagar, Bandra East, Mumbai 

9. Madhurima Sweets, Kalyan by Jeevika Sharma @the_gastronomic_guide 

For those living in Kalyan and Thane, Madhurima Sweets offers some of the best Ukadiche Modak in the area. “Medium-sized Modaks with different stuffings are available here,” Jeevika explains. “One can opt for the traditional Ukadiche Modak or varieties of Mawa Modak as per their choice. The texture is soft and it melts in mouth. The ambience here is good and the place is well kept.”  

Must Try: Mawa Modak, Bhel Puri  

Price for Two: Rs 400 (Approx.) 

Address: Gajanan Palace, Rambaug Lane 4, Kalyan West, Kalyan 

10. Tewari Bros. Mithaiwala, Sion by Adarsh Munjal @thebigbhookad 

This iconic mithai and snacks shop has been around for three decades, and they always have Mawa Modak along with an array of other Maharashtrian sweets on their menu. “They also make fresh and delicious Ukadiche Modak during festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali,” says Adarsh. Apart from this, Tewari Bros also serves Mawa Kesar Modak, Kaju Modak and varieties of Laddoos for Ganesh Chaturthi and other celebrations. 

Must Try: Mawa Kesar Modak, Special Laddoo 

Price for Two: Rs 300 (Approx.) 

Address: Nand Deep Society, Near Hospital, Sion, Mumbai