Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: More Than Modak, 7 Savoury Dishes To Try

Ganesh Chaturthi is almost here again and with it comes an air of celebration. Across the country people are readying their homes to welcome Lord Ganesh and many more are dreaming of the days of feasting and celebration that are set to occur in the run-up to the final immersion day from the 19th to the 28th. 

For food lovers, Ganesh Chaturthi has a lot of options to offer and every home has its favourite snacks to prepare, but on the whole, they tend to be sweet items. This is said to be because Lord Ganesh was infamous for his sweet tooth and of course, the many modaks, karanji and laddoos are sure to pique his interest, for those who prefer savouries to sweets, options aren’t as common.

However, there is are a handful of savoury dishes that are integral to celebrations in various parts of the country and although they’re not always as well-known as the mithais, they’re equally loved by revellers.

Video Credits: YouFood Lab/YouTube

Here are 7 savoury dishes you can try for Ganesh Chaturthi:

1. Katachi Amti:

This traditional Mahahrashtrian dish is a thin curry made with leftover soaked chana dal water from making modaks or varan bhaat. It’s tempered with spices and served long with puran poli. It’s a great way for a zero-waste approach to cooking and contains a lot of nutrients. 

2. Khara Kadubu:

Though there are many types of kadubu that are loved in Karnataka, Khara Kadubu is one of the favourite steamed versions. A dough is made of ground rice and then filled with dal, rice, coconut ans spices and then steamed until done. 

3. Varan Bhaat:

Though it’s very simple, idal and rice is very commonly made during this festival and also offered as bhog. Sometimes the dal is tempered with spices and turned into masale bhaat but usually it’s simple and comforting Maharashtrian dish.

4. Khatkhate:

A celebration of seasonal vegetables and most often found during Goan celebrations. Khatkhate is a delightful Konkani dish made with a variety of vegetables, coconut, and a tangy tamarind-based gravy. It's both nutritious and delicious.

5. Mani Kozhukattai:

Also known as Ammini, these small rice balls are steamed and then tempered with spices and curry leaves. Some versions feature sweet centres but when made into a savoury snack they’re a tempting and popular dish in South India. 

6. Sundal:

Usually eaten as a high-protein snack sundal holds a special place in Tamil Nadu. There are many types but are usually made from chickpeas, sprouts or lentils which are steamed or boiled and are then tempered with various spices. 

7. Kothimbir Vadi:

In Maharastra, Kothimbir Vadi can be found year-round but are especially popular during Ganesh Chaturthi to offer guests. These fried or steamed snacks are made from besan, spices and coriander leaves are served with various chutneys.