Ganesh Chaturthi 2022; Modaks For Those Who Are On Healthy Diet
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As Ganesh Chaturthi approaches, families across India start making modaks in various designs and flavours. These festive dumplings are drool-worthy. Are you salivating to indulge in your favourite modak but concerned about the calories? Do not worry; we have you covered. No matter what diet you follow, we present these mouthwatering, nutritious, and simple-to-make modaks. Dig in!

1. Cashew Caramel And Rose Butterscotch Modak


Modak Variation- includes cashew caramel, rose butterscotch, kesar, and chocolate. Simran Bapu, a baker and dietitian, advises those following a paleo diet to try the rose butterscotch and cashew caramel modaks this time. We aim to select recipes that use nut flour, like almond flour, and natural sweeteners, such as coconut sugar or maple syrup, as the paleo diet forbids the consumption of wheat, dairy, and refined sugar. In addition to using nut milk, Simran explains that rose butterscotch modaks feature a filling made of almond flour, rose water, butterscotch essence, rose petals, coconut sugar, and almond milk. The mixture is then coated with a fine butterscotch powder. She continues, "It is made with a gooey mixture of cashew paste, cashew flour, almonds, and handmade caramel prepared with coconut sugar. We use stevia-sweetened cashew milk. Last but not least, vegan white chocolate is used to cover the filling."

2. Badam And Pista


Modak variation- Badam-pista, kesar pista, and dark chocolate almond modak.

People following a ketogenic diet might still enjoy appetising modak alternatives. Amit Jha, a chef and proprietor of the bakery, prefers the almond-pistachio modaks and the dark chocolate almond modaks. He continues, "Almond flour, chocolate, and roasted nuts are combined to make chocolate almond modak. Additionally, the sweeteners erythritol and stevia are combined in equal amounts. Almond and pistachio powder are used in equal parts to form the badam-pista version. Mix in the sweetener and coconut powder. Add saffron threads and chopped pistachios as a garnish."

3. Raw Brownie Modak

Modak Variation- Strawberry rose kesar modak, raw brownie modak, and sugar-free banana date modak

Home cook Reena Rana offers a recipe for uncooked brownie modaks using ingredients easily found in households. Take three tablespoons each of walnuts, almonds, chia seeds, dates, and unsweetened cocoa powder (1 spoon). "On a low flame, dry roast chia seeds, walnuts, and almonds. Dates and cocoa powder are combined with the roasted ingredients. Mix thoroughly and shape into a modak. These can be enjoyed even by those following a pegan diet (paleo and vegan)," the author claims. Simply swap the ghee with cold-pressed oil to make these vegan-friendly steaming modaks. Reena continues, "Try adding gulkand to the conventional coconut-jaggery filling to make it even more delectable."

4. Walnut Modak


Modak variation- Walnut and jaggery, oat and jaggery, and kesar mawa modak


Genuine ukadiche modak, also known as steaming modak, is gluten-free. You can also try some other choices. "Try adding beetroot puree and scattered flax seeds to the rice flour to give the ukadiche modak a healthier twist," advises nutritionist and home cook Archana Vanmore. Modaks with walnuts and jaggery are another option. You only need black organic jaggery and some walnuts. There is no requirement for additional ghee or oils. Both variations are excellent for those following a sattvic diet.