Ganache: A Blunder That Wrote A New Saga

When I say rich, smooth, silky, glossy, and chocolaty mixture, what comes to your mind? After hearing all these words, I get straight to chocolate ganache. I can use more adjectives to describe my love for ganache and I know that you all have a similar love for the ganache.  

 Ganache’s versatility is not hidden from anyone. It can be used to top desserts and even used on cakes and cupcakes. Besides, we can also make whole other desserts or our most loved truffle with it. Ganache is so great and it just requires two ingredients i.e., fresh cream and dark compound. Some may add butter to the ganache to make its texture shinier and smoother. 

Let us take you through its history. You will be surprised to know that ganache actually means ‘clumsy’ or ‘imbecile’. This definitely is not considered a compliment in a family across the Alps. But why is this so? Let us tell you the reason why this versatile mixture has such a rude name. As some legends unfolded, this culinary tragedy happened in the kitchen of pastry chef Georges Auguste Escoffier in the year 1920. A young trainee was learning how to make custard and since he was so nervous because of being standing in front of such a great chef, he accidentally turned the pan of boiling milk into a bowl full of chocolate chunks.  

The master chef got furious and thunders ‘ganache’ while embarrassing the trainee but soon, the chef realizes that it is not a mistake but a wonder to the baking world. He saw a shiny, smooth, and silk cream and decided to make it a star of the dessert mania. Though it all started with a blunder, it brought smiles to everybody’s faces in the end. Ganache is much more than a simple cream but a rich, soft, and pampered delight and has lent itself to so many desserts. On a happy note, let us share with you the recipe for dark chocolate ganache and white chocolate ganache. Have a look. 

Dark chocolate ganache 


  • 200 gm dark compound 
  • 100 gm fresh cream 


  • Take a bowl and melt dark compound through a double boiling process or in a microwave.
  • When it is done, add cream and mix well. 
  • Ganache is ready. 

Note: When you don’t have fresh cream, you can add little milk and butter. This will work as fresh cream and form a ganache. 

White chocolate ganache 

White chocolate ganache is as same as dark chocolate but it needs more attention as the white cream has a dry nature. Let us see how you can make it. 


  • 200 gm white compound 
  • 100 gm fresh cream 


  • Take a bowl.
  • Melt the white compound through a double boiling process or in a microwave as same as you did for the dark chocolate one.
  • When it is done, add cream and mix well. 

Things to take care of while making ganache

  • Make sure that you don’t melt the dark compound too much otherwise, it will burn and will hamper the taste. 
  • Make sure you add fresh cream to melted chocolate and not melted chocolate to fresh cream. This would also affect the ganache taste. 
  • Ensure that not even a single drop of water goes into the ganache. 
  • Let us know if you like this interesting story about ganache. 

Au Revoir!!