Game Of Thrones To Chai Jaai: Your Guide To Quirky Themed-Cafes In Srinagar
Image Credit: Pixabay, Fan of GoT or lover of tea? This brimming cafe culture in Kashmir is what you need to experience then!

The pristine beauty of the valley, the snow-capped mountains and the lush green locales is what adorns our mind when we think of Kashmir. The winter months are considered to be the best time to visit the region since nature is at its best during this time. It is only then that you will understand why Kashmir is known as heaven on earth. The beauty of the place lies not only in its scenic views but also the rich cultural heritage. The celebratory rituals, the lifestyle as well as the culinary flavours of Kashmir are equally fascinating to us. 

Just like a trip to Kashmir would be incomplete without taking a shikara ride on Dal Lake, it would also be unfair to miss out on the authentic delicacies of the region like gushtaba, rista, tabak maaz and as well as beverages like kahwa and breads like bakarkhani. In similar vein, we discovered a newly-emerging café culture in Kashmir too. Not just ordinary cafes, but with intriguing themes and witty concepts, the booming culture of cafes in Kashmir is something that should definitely be on your list. 

Here are a few hand-picked quirky themed cafes which are Instagrammable and picture-perfect. 

1.  Goodfellas 

Looking for a place to indulge in long and deep conversations with like-minded people? Head to Goodfellas then. This artistic hub is home to budding poets, artists and writers. Founded by an artist himself in collaboration with friend, Mujtaba Rizvi’s vision of building a beautiful café on the banks of Jhelum is quite commendable. From noon chai (pink Kashmiri tea) to baked goods, you will find good food and inspiring artwork around you. 

2.  Winterfell Café 

Hola, Game of Thrones fans! You dream to live inside the GoT world has come to life with this quirky themed café based on the popular American sitcom. Situated opposite to the Dal Lake, this café in Srinagar is home to wooden swords, GoT inspired-artwork as well as the famous Iron throne. Chicken mushroom pot pies and penne would be the top picks if you are planning to visit anytime soon. 

Source: Winterfell Cafe/Instagram 

3.  Café Liberty 

Housed in wooden walls, the café is a hub of getting inspired and motivated. With free-spirited souls painted on the woodwork around you, you are bound to feel liberated and light. The idea behind the café is to promote a culture of open discussion and democracy amidst the turmoil surrounding the locals. Chicken skewers are a must-have as are the lamb dishes. 

Source: Cafe Liberty Kashmir/Instagram

4.  Chai Jaai 

A cross between an elite English tea room and traditional Kashmiri culture, Chai Jaai is a humble abode for tea lovers. If you happen to be one, do head to this quaint café with beautiful white ceramic interiors, carved with local Kashmir designs. From international tea flavours to local varieties, you will be spoilt for choice. Pair them with girda and bakarkhani chit-chat with your tribe in peace. 

Source: Chai Jaai/Instagram

5.  Books And Bricks Café 

The bibliophiles needn’t look elsewhere. This rustic and cute-looking cafes is where you are meant to be. Staying true to its name, Books and Bricks Café has a reader’s scripts engraved in bricks. Closer to an American diner, the menu features several burgers, fries and oh, the fish fillets are just delicious. 

Source: Books and Bricks Cafe/Instagram