Galao - A Lesser-Known Hot Drink From Portugal That Is Worth A Try

When it comes to coffee, we tend to rely on countries like Italy and Canada to bring the finest drinks to the table. But who knew Portugal too is brewing something special. One delectable drink that traces its origin to the country is Galao - a hot coffee that is brewed with a shot of espresso and topped off with foamed milk. 

Typically, this beverage consists of about one quarter coffee and three quarters foamed milk. It reminds one of popular drinks such as latte and cafe au lait, simply because galao is blended in a similar style as the other two. The only difference being in the manner in which they are typically served. In fact, one can say that galao is nothing but a Portugal version of latte. However, when the proportion of espresso and foam in galao is 1:1, that Portuguese drink is known by a different name - ‘meia de leite’, which is served in a cup. A popular beverage, galao is served in many restaurants and cafes across the nation. It is usually served in a traditional style - in a tall glass to flaunt the breathtaking layers of the drink, which is combined with a foamy head floating over the top. A glass of galao tastes milky and packs a great depth of strong flavours and aroma. As winter calls out for a piping hot cup to keep us warm, we are here with this palatable hot drink to soothe your souls. Check out the steps for brewing this hot coffee right away. Here goes the recipe:


  • A handful of coffee beans
  • 30 ml milk
  • 30 ml water
  • Sugar - to taste


  • Brew a shot of espresso using coffee beans and water 
  • For making milk foam without a machine, you need to take a saucepan and pour milk into it; heat the milk; then turn off the flame and whisk it with an electric grinder
  • Once the foam begins to appear on the surface of milk, quickly pour it over an espresso shot; add sugar
  • And there you go, your drink is ready to be served!