Gaintha Pitha – Odisha’s Star Entry To Masterchef Kitchen
Image Credit: Gaintha Pitha by Avinash Pattnaik

Pitha or Pithe, made with rice flour is much unique to the culinary identity of Assam, Odisha, Bengal and other Eastern states of the country. And Makar Sankranti approaching, Pithe’s take the centre stage in every kitchen. 

And one such Pithe that was recently brought to limelight was the Gaintha Pitha, that gave Odisha’s Avinash Patnaik a direct entry into the Masterchef 2023 Kitchen. Avinash made the dessert visually much appealing and beautiful by adding the dash of blue colour, using the Aparajita or the Blue pea flower, which is also found as a tea in Thailand. This added that extra drama to the simple dish. The pitha’s were dipped in a kheer base that was infused with night/coral jasmine flowers. Gaintha Pitha’s were flavoured with pandan leaves. The presentation was surely applauded. 

Talking about the origin of Gaitha Pitha, this one is made on the auspicious day of 'Baula Amabasya. The boula phula aka mango flowers is offered to Lord Jaganaath along with boula gaintha pitha. This is offered to get good harvest. Pitha’s overall as a dish sees a rich flavourful and culinary history. Every Pitha has a significance attached to it. 

Khira Gaintha is the creamy delicacy might seem simple but surely needs precision. Similar to that of kheer puli, the recipe is simple where the rice flour balls are cooked in flavored milk along with some cardamom. You can also add some strings of saffron to the milk. These Khira Gaintha Pitha are absolutely melt-in-your-mouth dessert. The same in some parts is also called Kheer Puli or Doodh Puli.

Courtesy- Instagram/dil_say_foodiee




    1 glass Milk  

    Rice flour - 1 cup

    1/2 cup or to taste Sugar  

    1/4 tsp Salt to taste 

    1 Bayleaf 

    Half spoon Cardamom powder 

    2 cup or as required Water 

    1/4 cup Coconut(slice) 

    1 tbsp Ghee 


    In a pan boil water with bay leaves and a pinch of salt. Once the water comes to a boil, remove the bay leaf

    Now add the rice flour to the water to make a paste. Mix well and make sure there are no lumps.

    Make sure the heat is low

    Now in another boil the milk

    Add bay leaves, grated coconut, and sugar to it

    Cook in low heat

    If you want you can add one tsp of condense milk too

    Now make knead the rice dough and make it soft. 

    Then grease your palms and start making small balls

    Dunk them into the simmering milk and let them boil

    Make sure the milk reaches a nice semi thick consistency 

    Once done take it out on a bowl and serve. 

   It's served both hot or cold