Gafae Ron To O Liang: 5 Types Of Thai Coffee For Coffee Lovers
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A lot of people who do not have in-depth knowledge of Thai cuisine are only acquainted with Thai iced coffee, which is the milky and sweet version of iced coffee. However, in Thailand, people like to enjoy their coffee in a lot of ways. Although traditionally Thailand is a tea-drinking country, the coffee culture also slowly started budding, which led to both the cultivation and consumption of coffee on a large scale.

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Currently, Chiang Mai is the coffee capital of Thailand, as the majority of coffee cultivation in the country happens in the city. It was the Thai royal family that initiated the coffee culture in Thailand around five decades ago. Currently, Thai robusta coffee and Thai Arabica coffee are two of the most important types of coffee cultivated in the country.

Here are five different types of coffee that people in Thailand like to enjoy:

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* Gafae Ron

Gafae ron means hot coffee in Thailand. Well, the only important aspect of this coffee is not just its temperature but also the way that it's presented to the person who is going to drink it. The coffee is made by first brewing some Thai coffee and then adding some sugar and salt inside the coffee for proper dissolution.

Now, people like to add some condensed milk to this coffee and let the milk sit at the bottom. This creates a very beautiful layered coffee of black and white synchronisation of colours. The coffee is served to the guests in this way and they have the liberty to stir the coffee as per their preference.

* O Yua

O Yua is the Thai black hot coffee, which is not very popular among the younger generation of Thailand. This coffee has a more mature fan base that likes to enjoy the robust and authentic flavour of the coffee. O yua simply means black hot in a type of Chinese dialect. This dialect is extremely popular in Thailand and that is how the coffee got its name. The process of preparing this coffee is very simple, as one has to simply brew Thai coffee with some water and serve it hot. One can also add a small amount of sugar or salt to the coffee. It gives an instant energy boost to the body.

* O Liang

O-Liang is the Thai version of black coffee. This coffee can be easily considered one of the most popular types of coffee in Thailand. The coffee especially caters to the needs of people who are lactose intolerant or would not like to simply have milk in their coffee and yet enjoy something delicious.

To make this coffee, one has to simply take some Thai coffee, sugar, a pinch of salt and lots of ice cubes. All of the ingredients are mixed to make this delicious coffee that instantly energises the body and also tastes good. It is a very famous summer drink in Thailand.

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* Gafae Yen

Gafae Yen is probably the most famous coffee or the most commonly available coffee in Thailand. This is because the coffee is sweet and creamy and a lot of people in Thailand prefer having their coffee this way.

Gafae in Thai means coffee and yen means cold, so a simple translation of this coffee is cold coffee. Gafae Yen is specially prepared by using evaporated milk that is combined with sweet condensed milk. Some evaporated milk is also drizzled over the top of the coffee when all the ingredients are mixed. Generally, people are served oliang yok law instead of Gafae yen in many parts of Thailand, as oliang yok law is a lot easier to make.

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* O Liang Yok Law

O liang yok law is another version of Thai iced coffee with milk. O liang simply means black coffee and yok law means doing circulation or wheeling around on a bicycle. The name certainly doesn't have any connection with the coffee. As stated above, O liang is the simpler version of gaffe yen, as it is very easy to prepare. A lot of Thai restaurants in North America sell this coffee.

To make this coffee, one would need the special brewed Thai coffee, sugar, a pinch of salt, evaporated milk, and some ice cubes. All the ingredients are mixed together and evaporated milk is added on top at the end to give a beautiful cascading effect.