G20 Summit: Chef Kunal Kapur To Cook For The First Ladies
Image Credit: Chef Kunal will prepare a special mushroom khichda

Chef Kunal Kapur has been one of the most popular names to grace Indian culinary scene in the past several years. From celebrity cooking shows to preparing food for the biggest names in the country, Chef Kunal has done it all. Now, during the G20 Summit, the culinary champion is set to cook a feast for the First Ladies from around the globe who are visiting India. And as always, the chef has prepared and planned a deliciously grand meal. The Chef, who is known to be a huge supporter of sustainable and healthy cooking, took to his social media account on Instagram to share what dishes he has planned to make for this grand feast.

Chef Kunal Kapur began by saying that United Nations has declared 2023 as the International Year Of Millets, so the meal that he will serve today revolves around the same idea, and he has decided to prepare Millet based dishes for the First Ladies at the summit. Very special dish that he is going to serve is the mushroom khichda. Now, this is usually made with meat, but he is giving the recipe a plant-based vegetarian twist by adding mushrooms. It retains the meaty texture and flavours of the original version of the dish while showcasing the fact that vegetarian food is equally delicious and healthy.

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The base of the khichda will be made with jowar, one of the most commonly eaten millet by several communities in India. Since it is United Nations’ declared Year of Millets, the Government of India is also trying to promote the use of millets in everyday cooking. Chef talks about how the popularity of millets will help promote growth, soil health and sustainability. He not only advocates for and appreciates the Government’s efforts to give recognition to millets, but he also says he is excited to showcase that in his cooking.

Chef Kunal also adds that he is going to serve a comforting and delicious broth along with the khichda, which would complement the dish perfectly. Along with that, he will prepare a nutritious salad for the First Ladies. So, the entire meal that he will serve is going to be healthy, tasty and reflective of the simple yet delicious cuisine that we Indians eat on a daily basis. He finished the video by saying that he is looking forward to serving food and talking to the First ladies about the meal and Indian cuisine. 

It is important to note that Chef Kunal Kapur is a part of the three member team that has been allotted to cook for the First Ladies. The other chefs who are a part of the team are Chef Ajay Chopra and Chef Anahita Dhondy Bhandari.