G20 Summit: Leaders To Be Served Meals In Gold, Silver Tableware
Image Credit: Pexels

The G20 Summit 2023, to be help in New Delhi between September 9 and 10, has given Indian and its rich culinary heritage a great opportunity to shine. From millet-forward menus to specially curated dishes by leading Indian chefs, the preparations to host world leaders like US President Joe Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz are at their peak. Now, new reports reveal that special tableware highlighting India’s rich culture will also be a part of the state dinners and banquets on offer. 

A report by PTI suggests that all Heads of State and other prominent global leaders will be served special meals on gold and silver-plated utensils to showcase the rich metallurgical and art heritage of India. Around 15,000 silverware pieces with intricate motifs have been crafted by over 200 artisans based out of a Jaipur-based metalware firm, Iris. The special tableware for the G20 Summit took around 50,000 man hours to create and have been supplied in bulk to luxury hotels in New Delhi that will be hosting the G20 delegates and leaders. 

The Jaipur-based firm also held a preview of all the traditional cutlery and tableware that G20 Summit leaders will be served food in at an event in New Delhi. The event revealed that most of the utensils are made of steel or brass as a base, while a coating of silver and gold have been added to all along with traditional engraved motifs to increase the appeal of the dishes. This entire effort was made to supply major hotels across the national capital with all the tableware they need to cater to the G20 delegates at state events and banquets. 

“Designs are characterised by meticulous detailing, beaded borders, and a fusion of semi-machined hand craftsmanship with contemporary casting techniques. The electroplated silver finish adds a touch of sophistication, aligning seamlessly with the grandeur of the event,” Rajeev Pabuwal, chief executive officer of IRIS Metalware, told PTI during the event. "As the G20 summit prepares itself to enthral the world leaders with our rich culinary heritage, each piece of tableware and decor reflects India's culture, art, and hospitality. With every shimmering detail, we curate a feast for the senses, intertwining heritage and luxury on a global stage. At the G20 Summit, our tableware isn't just silver; it's a reflection of India's resplendent spirit.” 

“We have maintained our quality of showcasing Indian tradition to world leaders in our cutlery,” he added. “Echoing India’s rich heritage and its global prominence, the theme Fusion Elegance serves as a testament to this harmonious blend of premium materials, with a focus on electroplated silver.” Over the last few weeks, discussions have ensued about the number of special events that will bring together world leaders at the G20 Summit in New Delhi, and now, it would be interesting to see what the final presentation of India’s rich culinary heritage—ingredients, cuisines, tableware and all combined—will look like during the event this weekend.