G20: Officers Deployed to Ensure Food Safety for Delegates

The prestigious G20 summit begins in the national capital city today. The Department of Food Safety in Delhi, as part of its meticulous preparations for the G20 summit, has taken a proactive approach to guarantee the provision of hygienically prepared meals to dignitaries and delegates residing in the city's hotels. In an effort to maintain food safety standards, an official reported that 18 dedicated food safety officers have been assigned the task of collecting samples from raw food items sourced by 19 five-star hotels in New Delhi and the Aerocity area, which will accommodate foreign guests during the summit. 

While routine inspections and sampling have always been part of their responsibilities, the G20 summit's increased relevance has promoted this concentrated effort. Since the beginning of the week, the officers have been relentlessly conducting laboratory testing on the samples taken from the hotels. With the summit set to begin today, September 9, and foreign heads of state being already present, assuring food quality and safety has become an important concern. 

In addition to sampling raw foods, food safety officers check on the cleaning and hygiene of the hotel kitchens and staff. Also, once the food is ready, it will be put through strict quality tests, which will be done in cooperation with food safety officers, an official reported.  

The officers are also closely monitoring the food preparation processes, from inspecting the cooking facilities to overseeing the sourcing of raw food materials at different hotels. The food material will only be utilized for cooking once the lab reports come, which typically takes 24 hours to confirm its safety. Strict measures have been implemented to ensure that no food item is prepared and served without undergoing a laboratory test. 

Indeed, the meticulous approach extends to all aspects of the culinary experience at the G20 summit. This includes the sampling and careful testing of not only main meals but also an array of food and beverages, encompassing snacks and tea, that will be offered throughout the event, including banquets, high tea, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This thorough and comprehensive strategy underlines the unwavering commitment to delivering a seamless and secure culinary experience for the esteemed dignitaries attending the G20 summit, with a solid focus on upholding the highest standards of food safety and quality assurance. 

The honored guests will indulge in a lavish array of exclusively vegetarian dishes, with a notable focus on incorporating millet-based cuisine. As reported by the media, a delectable assortment of more than 100 traditional and regional specialties is set to grace the dining tables during the two-day summit. Ranging from Bihar's Litti Chokha to Rajasthan's iconic Dal Bati Churma, the respectable dignitaries will have the opportunity to savor the diverse flavors and culinary heritage of each Indian state throughout this event.