G20 Summit 2023: 25,000 Food, Grocery Delivery Workers’ Impacted
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As the national capital is gearing up for the G20 Summit 2023 to be held between September 8-10 in New Delhi, many restrictions are increasingly being placed on mobility and road communication to ensure that the visiting global delegates and leaders can move around from event to event with ease. And yet, these very restrictions are likely to impact the livelihoods of many, especially food and grocery delivery workers working in Delhi NCR. 

A new report suggests that while essential activities like postal and medical services will be allowed to function as usual in Delhi NCR, commercial activities—especially e-commerce deliveries of food and groceries—will be completely prohibited as per an announcement made by SS Yadav, Special CP (Traffic), Delhi Police. This prohibition will be effective from September 8-10 when US President Joe Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and several other global leaders will be in the national capital for the G20 Summit 2023.  

Video Credit: YouTube/Chef Ranveer Brar

While this will certainly impact the companies that provide these services as well as restaurants in areas like Connaught Place which will remain shut too, the delivery workers are expected to face the worst of this brunt. It is now being estimated that this action of putting all food and grocery deliveries to a standstill for three days will impact the livelihoods of around 25,000 delivery workers functioning in Delhi NCR.  

In a conversation with a news organisation, Kabir Suri, the President of the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI), revealed that since at least 8- to 100 eateries across the controlled zone in New Delhi will be shut, each restaurant will lose earnings for those days. And since the restaurants cannot function, their food delivery partners within the controlled zone won’t be able to work either. Another estimate reveals that there are about 35,000 food delivery riders making food deliveries across the city, and almost 17,000 of them will be deeply impacted during the three days of the G20 Summit. 

Along with these food delivery partners, it is being estimated that around 12,000 grocery delivery partners functioning within this very area will also lose their source of income during those three days. However, those e-commerce companies functioning from Gurugram and Noida are less likely to be impacted as these restrictions have not been placed on them.