G20 Summit 2023: Fusion Western Delicacies Will See Indian Touch

As the G20 Summit approaches, India is gearing up to welcome foreign delegates in the capital city of Delhi. Renowned Chefs in the city are set to prepare an exceptional culinary menu to greet these international guests. 2023, which has been designated as the year of millets, this nutritious superfood is taking center stage on the menu. This promises to deliver a delightful fusion of flavours, showcasing the versatility and goodness of millets to distinguished guests. The culinary offerings are composed to be a highlight of the summit's hospitality, reflecting India's commitment to both tradition and innovation. 

In a video, Taj Hotel’s Chef Surendra Negi said “We are presenting both Indian and foreign components in food to the foreign delegation. As PM Modi told us to put a focus on millets, we are including millets as an ingredient in many cuisines” In addition, he said, we've got some Western dishes with an Indian twist, such as buckwheat pasta, and a combination of Indian and Western desserts for the sweets like ragi ladoos, barley kheer and more.   

Delegates will enjoy a culinary treat showcasing the rich diversity of India's food and culture, featuring dishes like Litti chokha, ragi barfi, masala dosa, idli, and more from different parts of the country. In addition to these main courses, a wide variety of chaats and sweets will be available, promising a memorable and diverse dining experience. According to a source, more than 500 Indian and international delicacies will be served, with over 120 chefs in charge of the preparations. They'll spend two days attempting to make sure the G20 summit's food is varied and delicious. 

Several New Delhi hotels, including the Taj Mahal, the Lalit, the Le Meridien, and the Eros, will play host to these state lunches and dinners. On 8-10 September 2023, the Bharat Mandapan Convention Centre in Delhi's Pragati Maidan area will host the event, and the Central and Delhi governments are making extensive preparations, including the provision of food, to show the world's leaders the best of what India has to offer. 

With only six days till the G20 Summit, hotels all over New Delhi are doing everything possible to ensure the comfort and security of visiting dignitaries. A number of restrictions and public holidays from September 8 to 10 have already been announced by the government.