G20: President Draupadi Murmu's Dinner Sees India on a Plate

The G20 Summit commenced its proceedings on a grand note on Saturday, marked by a gracious welcome from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India's G20 presidency centers around the theme 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,' signifying 'One Earth, One Family, One Future.' This global gathering unites leaders and organizations to address key global issues. After an eventful day at the Summit, world leaders concluded the evening with a lavish dinner hosted by India's President, Draupadi Murmu, at the Bharat Mandapam in the nation's capital. 

The food menu begins with the ‘Sharad Ritu,’ which represents the autumn season and emphasizes how India celebrates the seasons through its cuisine. India's culinary traditions, customs, and climate are all deeply rooted in its rich diversity. The menu expresses beautifully that Bharat is rich in traditions and a mosaic of cultures, yet food is the common thread that connects us all. 

Starter- Paatram, explaining a breath of fresh air 

Foxtail millet leaf crisps topped with a yoghurt sphere and spiced chutney 

Main Course – Vanavaranam, denoting strength from the soil 

Jackfruit galette served with glazed forest mushrooms and Little millet crisp and curry leaf-tossed Kerala red rice  

Indian Breads  

Mumbai Pao: Onion seed-flavoured soft bun 

Bakarkhani: Cardamom-flavoured sweet flatbread 

Dessert – Madhurima denoting a pot of gold 

Cardamom scented Barnyard millet pudding, fig-peach compote and Ambemohar rice crisps 


Kashmiri Kahwa, Filter Coffee and Darjeeling Tea 

Paan-flavoured chocolate leaves for a sweet and refreshing ending.  

The specially crafted menu was tailored for the delegates, with particular emphasis on incorporating millets and staple ingredients that are integral to the country's cuisine. The incorporation of ‘Shree Anna (millets) is featured in various courses, including the starter, Patram (foxtail millet), the main course, Vanavarnam (little millet), and the dessert, Madhurima (barnyard millet). It's noteworthy that millets thrive in challenging conditions with minimal agricultural inputs compared to other cereals. This makes them a valuable asset in addressing critical global concerns like climate change and food security.

Each dish on the menu represents a distinct region of India, such as the Kashmiri Kahwa or Kerala's Red Rice, encapsulating the essence of Bharat. Furthermore, the menu is designed to cater to health-conscious individuals, as it includes calorie counts for each course. Additionally, the dishes provide information on the food components used, ensuring an enjoyable and allergen-friendly dining experience for all guests. 

Prior to this, there have been reports that a meticulous and thorough process was undertaken to ensure the highest standards of food safety and quality for the distinguished guests.