Beer, the drink that’s always had straight from the bottle and can doesn’t much have reputation of being fancy. Beer has always been about having a great body, taste, flavour and palate. Experiment with these versatile cocktails and jazz up your house party. The key being identifying the main flavours of your brew, then complementing them with other additions to build that punch to quench your. But remember there’s no hard and fast rule to prepare your punch just go by your instinct can sip. Trick is keep things mellow.


A michelada is a Mexican drink made with beer, lime juice assorted sauces often chilli based, spices, tomato juice and peppers. There are numerous variations of this drink in Mexico commonly prepared with beer, lime, salt and hot sauces and several other ingredients. Michelada, a quintessential beer cocktail, when made well, is super refreshing and bracingly flavorful drink for an intimate dinners or even personalized cocktail at a party, and sure to shake up the happy hour in the best way possible. It is easy for anyone to assemble.

Easy to master basic elements and chose optional add-ins to taste. Mix all aforementioned ingredients in a wide glass over ice, and top up with beer. Serve garnished with a chilli! (BeeYoung’s punchy, crisp, refreshing, and smooth on palate taste makes it a perfect mix for this cocktail). It’s a savory cocktail that can range in spiciness, endlessly customizable and is served in a salt-rimmed glass. All you need is 90ml Tomato juice, Juice of one lemon, 2 dashes Worcestershire sauce, 2 dashes Tabasco or any hot sauce, (BeeYoung) Beer to top up

Green Brew Yard

The Green Yard Brew by Ditas is an innovative cocktail inspired by classic Shandy beer cocktail,  Made by pouring lager half way up the pilsner glass and infusing ginger, lime and fresh cucumber Juice into it, Sure, some may not consider the Green Yard Brew a “cocktail” in the refined sense of the term, but in the basic sense of beer-plus-something else equals a finished drink, it fits.

Beer Margarita

Margarita is an equal part potent and refreshing, a cocktail known mostly for relaxation by the beach. Who would think that a beer can be the perfect solution to eradication luminous green margaritas? Well, it can be a new twist to an old classic which tastes like the best version of the classic drink. 

Rim the edge of the glass with lime juice and coarse salt. Add 30ml of your favorite tequila and some lemon juice to a glass filled with ice (all elements measured according to the quantity of the mix). Here we are preparing a glass of beer margarita and hence the quantities of the ingredients are mentioned accordingly. Now add beer to top. You may garnish the drink with a cucumber peel which is a lovely choice for the aromas. All you need is some Tequila, Juice of one lemon and some (Bee Young) beer. 

The Showgirl

The Showgirl cocktail from Kynd Cafe and Bar is a star anise infused whiskey, tequila and bitter beer combined harmoniously, accented by hints of sweet orange juice and rosemary for a beautiful aroma. Flavour pairings are at the core of this fantastic cocktail. It's a combination of fruity, bitter and smoky palette and can definitely make this at home or at house parties as well. One can love the combination of beer and whiskey because it’s Smokey and refreshing.