FSSAI Demands Daily Updates From States For Food Safety Checks
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In a way to collectively invest effort while combating food contamination and adulteration issues around India, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued mandates to state authorities on amping up the vigilance and safety checks. Enforcing the urgency of conducting raids and inspections, the regulatory body plans on combating the rising number of issues by directing all updates to the headquarters on a daily basis. Emphasising on the need for comprehensive enforcement drives, food safety departments for all states and union territories have been asked to cover all food categories.

Aiming to ensure that the safety and quality of food items do not affect consumers negatively, the nationwide initiative aims to secure public interest and also strengthen food safety practices. Intensifying their monitoring efforts across the food supply chain, especially during the time of the heatwave that has taken over the country, when food and water-borne contamination incidents could increase drastically. The special drive will cover categories like packaged food, fruits, vegetables, street food, seeds, restaurants, dairy items, spices and even baby food.

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In an official letter issued by the FSSAI’s CEO, G. Kamala Vardhana Rao, it stated that, “We must bolster our surveillance mechanisms to swiftly detect and address any issues that may jeopardise public health.” Further addressing the state authorities, the letter mentions, “The combination of heat, humidity, and increased consumption of perishable foods during the summer months creates favorable conditions for the proliferation of foodborne pathogens, leading to outbreaks of foodborne illnesses.”