Fruits You Should Eat In Autumn Season
Image Credit: Pomegranate is a great option in autumn | Unsplash

The fall season is upon us and we have every reason to celebrate the end of the monsoon and beginning of the winter season. Although the season is not very long in India and we have barely a month to enjoy the true beauty of this season, it is still a wonderful and pleasant time. The grand festival of Navratri and Durga Pujo also falls during the autumn season, which is one of the merriest times of the year. So, it is important that we learn how to enjoy this season like we are supposed to.

Now, seasonal fruits are something that everyone looks forward to. Eating according to the season is not just healthy, it is also sustainable for every party involved. The most important part about eating seasonal fruits is that it leads to maximum usage of resources and less wastage. Thus, seasonal fruits, that are tasty, nutritious and of course, much awaited during the off season, have many more reasons why we should devour them. So, let us look at special autumn season fruits that can be eaten during this month of the year.


Even though figs are considered a seasonal fruit in India, the dried version is available throughout the year. The texture of fig varies, making it one of the most exotic seasonal fruits. When it comes to the fruit’s skin, its smoothness melts in the mouth as you take a bite. Have this fruit in the autumn while you can still find it fresh.


Plums are one of the best seasonal fruits to enjoy during the autumn season. This fruit is best known for its low sugar content, and it is great for people who want to eat sweets but are diabetic. Plums can be used to make several lip-smacking desserts as well. So, do find it in your local markets and have a bite of it.

Plum is low in sugar content | Unsplash

Passion fruit has tropical origins, but it gets widely cultivated in many orchards throughout India. It is a great source of vitamins and has a flavour that is perfect for many desserts and drinks. It helps improve your heart health and digestive health.


This beautiful, crimson red fruit is an amazing source of antioxidants and is the perfect remedy for skin ageing. Remember your grandmother sitting with a plate full of red pearl-like pomegranate seeds, asking you to eat them? Yes, have them now to gain strength and drown in nostalgia.

These fruits are very important for you to consume during the autumn season as they are healthy, nutritious and available fresh only during this time of the year. Enjoy while you still can and do not forget to make delicious dishes with these fruits that have limited availability.