Beat The Seasonal Blues With These Effective Yogic Kriyas

Currently, we are experiencing changes in the temperature and climate as we are already into summer. While we shift from winter to summer, our body has to adjust with the transitioning season, and hence we may face issues with our digestive system, mood disorders and other health problems. It is said that the root cause of all diseases majorly lies in poor digestion. That is why it is imperative to look at what we consume, especially during these seasonal changes. Thus, during this period, the best thing you can do is to include a few yoga asanas in your daily routine for relaxation, ease, and a healthy digestive tract.  By the regular practice of yoga, seasonal affective disorders can also be combated. Yogic kriyas have proven beneficial in improving the performance of all six senses, making us sharper in our actions and thinking. For instance, alternate nostril breathing helps balance the energy through the right and left nostrils and balance the body heat. 

Here are a few yogic kriyas to relieve any seasonal health problems.  


Kapalbhati is performed for the yogic body cleansing system. Kapalbhati purifies energy channels and also removes sensory distractions from the mind. It is used to energize the mind for mental work and to remove sleepiness. The word Kapal Bharti comprises two Sanskrit words, kapala-meaning skull (here skull includes all the organs under the skull) and bhati meaning, illumination. For spiritual aspirants, this practice arrests thoughts and visions. It also helps in tackling seasonal disorders.

Laghu Shankhaprakshalana 

Laghu Shanka Prakshalana (LSP) is a method of detoxifying the entire gastrointestinal tract through cleansing practices defined by Hatha Yoga. It alleviates digestive problems, strengthens the immune system and purifies blood to help skin problems. Shankhaprakshalana recharges the entire Pranicbody, removes blockages from the nadis and cleanses all the chakras. This is a practice of intestinal cleansing. Your consulting doctor must prescribe LSP. 

Vastra Dhauti 

Vastra dhauti removes impurities from the intestinal tract, thereby detoxifying the stomach and oesophagus regions. It helps to remove gas, acidity and indigestion. In this practice, a long ribbon of moist cotton cloth is swallowed into the stomach, and after some time, it is pulled out. It helps to relieve asthma, bronchitis, cough and excess phlegm. Vastra Dhauti is performed to cleanse the stomach and oesophagal tract. 


Trataka is suitable for your eyesight. The word Trataka means 'to look' or 'to gaze'. Trataka is one of the shatkarmas. It also helps to manage insomnia in a better way. It enhances concentration and focus. It improves the internal and external eye optic function. It is a very effective practice to achieve a higher state of awareness.

Sutra Neti 

Sutra Neti is a technique (Hatha Yoga) to clean your nasal cavity. Sutra Neti is one of the Shat kriyas of purification or Shatkarma in Hatha Yoga. Intra Neti, a rubber catheter is inserted into the nose and then pulled out from the mouth. It reduces the problems like sinusitis, migraine, headaches. 

Yoga can be effective if done regularly and in the correct manner. It is prime to practice and learn yoga under the supervision of a trained yoga coach. Yoga can help you beat the seasonal blues and build strength and mental peace. 

(Inputs By Dr Manoj Kutteri, Wellness Director at Atmantan Wellness Centre)