Fruit Salad To Veg Sandwich: 7 Easy-To-Make Snacks For Kids
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Many people find it challenging to craft tasty and healthy dishes for kids that can be prepared quickly. This is usually because kids tend to be fussy, and they also frequently crave variety. This article will explore several snack options for kids that you can craft easily and quickly. These range from a nutritious fruit salad to a delectable, scrambled egg dish. Overall, these dishes demonstrate the creative ways in which you can load dishes with protein-rich fruits and veggies without compromising on their taste.

Check out these 7 easy-to-make snacks for kids that are both delicious and nutritious.

Fruit Salad

A fruit salad is a fulfilling evening snack option you can prepare for your kids after they come home from school. Just chop and toss different fruits in a bowl; you can use any fruit that is at your disposal, including apples, bananas, strawberries, and more. Mix the fruits thoroughly to ensure their flavours merge seamlessly to produce a healthy and appetising snack. You can also garnish the fruit salad with some chaat masala to infuse it with an element of spice and enhance its taste profile.

Vegetable Sandwich

The sandwich is probably one of the most ubiquitous food items, owing to its adaptability. It can be crafted using a variety of fillings, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, and it is also very easy and quick to whip up as all you have to do is basically assemble the different ingredients. A simple vegetable sandwich is considered a healthy snack option for kids; load the sandwich with as many veggies as you please, including greens such as lettuce and kale.

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Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are a popular breakfast option; they can also be consumed in the evening at teatime with additional spices and seasonings in the form of egg bhurji. To prepare this lip-smacking and protein-packed dish, all you must do is stir and whip the eggs with butter and salt and add additional seasonings, such as pepper, coriander, and more, per your preference. Complement your scrambled eggs with a slice of brown bread to ensure that it serves as a wholesome and enriching snack for your kids.

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Beetroot Paratha

Beetroot, being packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants, is one of the healthiest root vegetables. Therefore, it is vital for kids to consume beetroot regularly. Mix some beetroot in your regular paratha dough, cook the dough over the gas, and voila! Your succulent and healthy beetroot parathas are ready. You can cut them up into little pieces before serving them to your kids for ease of eating; people also prefer to douse beetroot parathas in butter to enhance their taste.

Sukha Bhel

Bhel is basically a puffed rice-based dish that is chewy and crunchy. A form of chaat, you can whip this up at home by adding chopped vegetables, such as onions and tomatoes, to the puffed rice and mixing the concoction thoroughly. Garnish the bhel with sev to add an extra layer of crispiness, as well as some fresh coriander to infuse it with a refreshing and earthy flavour. This is a healthy snack option for kids, as puffed rice is known to help boost immunity.

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If your kids are craving some sugar, a trifle is an easy and healthy way to satiate their sweet tooth. Basically, as a variation of fruit salad, all you must do to prepare this sweet dish is layer some fruits of your choice, such as bananas, strawberries, and raspberries, with some whipped cream and nuts. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to whipped cream, you can use yoghurt instead. All the aforementioned ingredients boast health benefits, making this a nourishing yet satisfying dessert snack for your kids.

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Coin Pizza

Pizza is a big favourite among kids, and you can craft a healthy version of this snack at home in the form of a coin pizza. Cut out the bread in the shape of little rounds or coins, toast the breads, spread tangy tomato-based pizza sauce on the bread, and add toppings in the form of whatever vegetables your child prefers, including capsicum, baby corn, onions, cherry tomatoes, and more. Grate some cheese onto the bread, pop them in the oven for baking, and just like that, flavour-packed coin pizzas are ready!