Fruit Chai Is The New Combination To Join The Bizarre Food Bandwagon

In India, if there’s one thing that stays constant throughout the year, it is chai. Be it a chilly winter morning, a pleasant monsoon afternoon or a scorching summer evening, you will surely see a chaiwala brewing a big vessel of chai in almost every lane in the country. And why not? After all, for most Indians, it’s that one thing that can turn their days around like nothing else in this whole wide world. The love for chai has only reached new heights with each passing generation and there’s no denying the same. 

However, the all-time favourite beverage has undergone some bizarre experiments in the past year, leaving us heartbroken every single time. From the weird herb chai to the viral Roohafza chai, chai has surely seen some of its weird versions in the past days. And we hate to break it to you but another weird version of the beverage has joined the bandwagon. And this time chai is paired with fruits. Don’t believe us? Watch the video yourself:

In this video - uploaded by the Instagram food blogger Amar Sirohi, who goes by the username @foodie_incarnate - a Surat-based vendor is seen making chai. He first adds banana to the boiling milk followed by tea dust or chai patti, a shredded chikoo and finally finishes the chai with a grated apple. The video has taken the internet by storm and netizens are absolutely heartbroken. The video was uploaded a few hours ago and has garnered around 823k views, around 60k likes and thousands of comments from heartbroken chai aficionados.

Has the video broken your heart too? Well, we get it. But just know that there are thousands more like you who have expressed their views on this weird experiment in the comments section of the video. Here are a few that you can probably relate to:

“😮😮😮bas yahi baaki tha hona chai Ke saath 😅🥲”

“Bhaisahab yeh kuch zyaada nahi ho gaya”

“Kya ho gya logo ko kuch bhi bana rhe h had h yaar 😂😂😂”

“Nark mai iss ki bhi alag shaaza hai”

Will you try this fruit chai? Do let us know.